Clam Castle

Klam, Austria

Clam castle was built in 1149 by Otto von Machland who owned all of Upper Austria. At that time it was a fortress consisting of two towers over 30 meters high. These two impressive buildings, one round and one rectangular, still exist in the very same shape today.

Soon after Otto von Machland died, the castle fell into the hands of robber barons. They were feared by the people of Upper Austria and excommunicated by the church. During the middle ages the ownership and construction of the castle changed several times until in 1454 the forefathers of the counts of Clam arrived

During the 30 year-war the Clam family had their own private army to defend the castle. In these times of turmoil and revolts Clam village also suffered a lot and was burned down several times. Clam was besieged many times but no hostile troops ever managed to capture the castle. However, in the mid 17th century when the war was over, the castle was in a very bad condition.

Under the regency of Johann Gottfried of Clam it was possible to renovate the entire castle. He started to transform the functional fortress into a comfortable castle as we see it today. He also built a church, a hospital and water pipes for the citizens of the village.

In the 18th century the wings housing the administration, the coaches and the horse stables were built. Today these wings form the outer yard.

Fortunately Clam castle also survived both world wars unharmed. Only the nuclear shelter, built in one of the castle’s cellars is a reminder of the 20th century.

Besides the Castle the estate includes several farmhouses, a riding school, a hydropower plant, farmland and forests.



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Sperken 2, Klam, Austria
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Founded: 1149
Category: Castles and fortifications in Austria

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User Reviews

Karina Adriana (11 months ago)
I loved it. The story behind it is fascinating. The tour was amazing. I regret not having seen it earlier. I wish I can baptize my baby there. The Kapelle has a rare St. Ana with Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus statue. Also very nice and involved staff.
Muhammad Al Turkmani (12 months ago)
I've been there for the 50's Anniversary of Judas Priest tour" was great show lucky i was there ?? Perfect place for summer ,great shows and great view around, amazing Crews and staffs working always there... Unforgettable place in my mind ...
Frederik Lindstroem (2 years ago)
The place to be at least once in the summer. Such a great location to listen to great concerts. A tour of the castle itself is also recommended of course.
Gerolf Holenia (2 years ago)
Great Nick Cave concert. The location is fantastic with the castle next to the stage, but it is a bit difficutl transportation wise. You almost nneed a car to get there. There is some public transfer but it will most likely not help as the trains in Amstetten are already gone. So probalby best to take a rental when you fly in to Austria. There are B&B's and Hotels not too far away but again a car is most likely needed.
J.J. Larrea (2 years ago)
I saw Nick Cave at Burg Clam. You don’t get to enter the castle itself—the Clam Live stage is on a meadow which slopes up to the castle. It is a casual, fun, and unusual concert setting. Bring a blanket and come early to score a good spot. You can bring food or buy it from various ständl (wurstel to poké bowls) but you cannot bring bottles or cans of any kind; security will confiscate. But they are happy to sell you weisser gespritz in liter glasses. There is plenty of parking on a designated meadow below, with a 5min hike to the stage. Overall a great venue if you can manage the 1.75 hour trip from Vienna.
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