Schloss Hof is a palace located in Austria near the border of Slovakia. At more than 50 hectares, Schloss Hof is the largest country castle complex in Austria.

It once belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy who purchased it late in his life in 1726, He had it enlarged in the Baroque style by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt in 1729, and used it as an elaborate hunting lodge. He left it to a niece in his will, and it was later purchased by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and became part of the imperial estates.

Outside, there are magnificent Baroque gardens with splendid fountains and sculptures on seven terraces stepping gentle down to the March. The imperial castle sits on an idyllic estate containing nine exciting adventure walks, varied themed gardens and lots of rare breed pets, as well as an adventure playground and a leisure park for children and families with its own water playground.

With its exhibitions and numerous events for the whole family, Schloss Hof is always worth a visit. Annual highlights of the event calendar include the Easter market, the games festival, the musketeer games, the garden shows, the Pentecost fair, the camel festival, the full moon nights, the holiday fun, the horse festival and the atmospheric Christmas village in advent.



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Founded: 1729
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Austria


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

J “Pipiripi” P (2 years ago)
The castle must be beautiful. I say "must" because we didnt go inside. We live in Vienna. A walk for 2 adults and 2 kids costs more than 50 Euros. Seriously. I would pay that money for visiting the palace itself. Walking around the palace shouldn't cost more than 3 euros. Abusive price and a waste of heritage as few people pay for it.
Katarzyna Wrona (2 years ago)
Beautiful place, amazingly restored always with carefully prepared seasonal decorations. Their gardener team must be led by a magician. Loooove the flower and herbs gardens. Fantastic place for families with kids - lots of animals to watch, petting zoo, great playground.
Kimball Beard (2 years ago)
Noble history, reserrected from the cold war, restored to Prince Eugene's vision. Well maintained both interior and the exterior of the palace and wonderful gardens. The domestic animals and children's play ground is more than adequate. The high quality of ridding and breading horses are priceles in their quality and health. The restaurant is very good for Vienna Coffee and Cakes, but the main dishes lack taste and flavor. I would recommend a seperate cafe from the restaurant.
Marius Zaharia (2 years ago)
Great place to spend half a day. You can combine history with some family activities (petting zoo), riding or just relax with a drink or two. Very beautiful gardens.
Evula Jónásová (2 years ago)
Beatiful plače, garden every
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