Leuchtenburg Castle

Vadena, Italy

Leuchtenburg Castle (Castelchiaro) above Lake Caldaro towers into the sky in the surroundings of Castel Varco in the locality of Vadena. The castle was probably constructed in 1250 by the Lords of Rottenburg. The castle complex has been protected by a circular wall which protected the castle complex from assaults. Due to the fact that the position of the castle is not really well-protected it has presumably been constructed in order to impress.

Numerous castles of the Rottenburg leadership have been razed after the conflicts with Frederick IV, Duke of Austria, in 1410, but not Leuchtenburg, which was handed over to the sovereigns and in the following years was lent to officials of Caldaro. After 1610 Leuchtenburg remained uninhabited and started decaying.

Only in the 20th century the walls of the ruins were conserved. Leuchtenburg consists of a circular wall inside which there were several residential buildings. However, today these buildings could only be preserved to some extend. However, there are also well-preserved rests of the great hall with frescos dating back to the 15th century.



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SP162, Vadena, Italy
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Founded: c. 1250
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy

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User Reviews

Stefano Parisi (18 months ago)
Bella passeggiata per arrivare al rudere con un paesaggio rilassante.
Paolo Vitti (19 months ago)
Antico castello medievale fra la valle dell'Adige e la zona del oltradige in provincia di bolzano. Se arriva a piedi partendo da Campi al Lago lago di Caldaro. Sentiero nel bosco non difficile. Vari itinerariari in zona. Verificare con le cartine.
marcobz12 (2 years ago)
Interessanti rovine di un antico castello in posizione superpanoramica. Camminata breve ma abbastanza impegnativa. In cima non ci sono punti di ristoro.
Manuel Tschager (2 years ago)
Very nice and short hike takes about 45 min to get up, breathtaking view and you can enter the castle as well, would recommend going there!
Ekaterina (Katja) Minitsenka (3 years ago)
Good and short hike. A little steep, but quite easy. Gorgeous views on the top. Definitely recommend. Takes about 45 minutes to go up from Garni Kreithof.
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