Thiene Cathedral

Thiene, Italy

Thiene Cathedral replaced a previous church of the Assumption which apparently dated from before 1166. Construction was completed by 1314. It was rebuilt in 1625, and was substantially altered in the late 18th century by architect Ottone Calderari. The dome was not added till the 1930s. The nave ceiling is decorated with 15 paintings by Baroque Venetian painters, including Giulio Carpioni and Giovanni Battista Pittoni.

Next to the church is the tall obelisk-like bell tower, designed by Sebastiano Serlio, beyond which is the Church of the Rosary built in 1685 in a staid Baroque style. This church contains stucco and painted decorations by the local artists Ballante (1657-1729) and Valentino Bassi (17th century). The main altarpiece was painted in 1590 by Matteo Grazioli. The painting of the Annunciation in the north aisle was painted by the school of Alessandro Maganza (1509-1589). There are some ancient frescos, restored in the 1700s, of the 'Madonna delle Grazie' and a marble statue of Saint Joseph by Orazio Marinali.



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Via Roma 25, Thiene, Italy
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Founded: 1314
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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User Reviews

Stefano Mondin (14 months ago)
To be seen ....
Mathias Slongo (2 years ago)
Very large church, almost like a cathedral, and with many works of art.
Zsanett Giovanna (2 years ago)
I like this cathedral, big, beautiful inside and out.
Veronica Bonura (3 years ago)
The cathedral of Thiene is located in the historic center of Thiene. The structure dates back to 1300, rebuilt during 1625 with subsequent renovations. The facade is in neoclassical style. The interior is divided into three naves, with a Latin cross plan in the Baroque style. The features that stand out are: - works by A. Maganza; - work of S. Ricci; - spectacular ceiling with works by G. Carpioni and G. Pittoni; - the marvelous and imposing dome of A. Pasinati. To visit absolutely. Free admission. * visited on 4/10/20 *
Werner Röder (3 years ago)
Imposing church in the center. When visiting a church in Italy, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the opening times ... if you want to see a particular church, you should try to find out the opening times on the Internet or contact the pastor (surprisingly works very well)
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