St. Andreas Church

Düsseldorf, Germany

The Church of St. Andreas was constructed between 1622 and 1629 in the South German baroque style. It was originally a Jesuit church and also served as the court church for the Counts palatine of Neuburg. After the dissolution of the Jesuit order in August 1773 it served as a parish church until 2005 when it became the monastery church of the Dominican Order. The building itself is now owned by the city of Düsseldorf.

The church is furnished with stucco by Johannes Kuhn from Strassburg and life-size sculptures of the apostles and of saints of the Society of Jesus.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the church was an important center of musical culture in Düsseldorf. The composer Johann Hugo von Wilderer served as its organist. The mausoleum, designed by Venetian architect Simone del Sarto, contains the tombs of several Electors Palatine, including that of Johann Wilhelm. The high altar of the church was destroyed during World War II. The new altar, designed by Ewald Mataré was built in 1960. Paintings by Ernst Deger can be found in the church's two side altars which are dedicated to the Virgin Mary.



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Founded: 1622-1629
Category: Religious sites in Germany
Historical period: Thirty Years War & Rise of Prussia (Germany)

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User Reviews

Andrew Kamel (3 months ago)
Visited it on 30 November the name day of St. Andrew. I find it a beautiful church with the sculptures so unique and beautiful. It was quite not alot of people were visiting so you get to enjoy the place to yourself. The seats make noise so Be careful when you try to sit as it may cause loud noise. The door may seem closed but walk closer and check. Be careful the inner door is wood and the outer door is glass, open slow if you spontaneously do it at the same time with someone else from the other side opening it can break.
Edgü (4 months ago)
One of must-visit churches in Dusseldorf, stunning artwork, not that huge like others in this area but and old one.
Christmas season in San Andreas. The white ornate ceiling and the white saintly figures of the apostles plus the golden touches, sets this Church apart. You'll be mesmerized how beautiful really the interior is and how distinctly quiet inside against the busy area where it is located. ❤
Daniel (2 years ago)
Amazing ?
Aggie Wang (2 years ago)
The bright yellow exterior of the little church was so stunning that attracted me from far. The interior was even prettier. It’s a baroque style with elegant sculptures in white and gold. On Sunday afternoon there was a free organ concert at 4pm. It lasted about 35 minutes. The pianist was excellent. Sitting there listening to the music, away from the heat and noise outside, it really felt as in Heaven.
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