Lucens Castle

Lucens, Switzerland

Lucens Castle's strategic location allowed it to control the Broye valley, which was an important transit corridor. Starting in the Middle Ages and until 1536 it was a residence of the Bishop of Lausanne and served to control the Bishop's land in the Broye valley. During the 12th century, the castle was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. In 1476, it was destroyed by the Swiss Confederation. In 1536 the valley and the surrounding territory were conquered by Bern. It became the seat of a Bernese bailiwick at the same time. In 1542, the vogt of Moudon moved into the castle.

The castle was enlarged between 1579–86 and served as an arsenal and fortress on the border to Fribourg. In 1798, the Bernese were forced out and the Canton of Léman was formed. Shortly thereafter, the castle became the property of Canton, who sold it 1801 to private individuals. In 1925, it was converted into a Swiss Reformed institute for girls. Between 1965-70, it was the seat of the Conan Doyle Foundation, and is now in private hands.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Switzerland


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User Reviews

Clément ML Péquignot (2 years ago)
This building is incredible by its history! To visit! have a look on Google before your arrival, the places will be even more interesting!
Philibert Barelli (3 years ago)
If you are looking for an atypical, magical place, full of history, in Switzerland, it is likely that the Lucens castle will match your search. Perched on top of a hill, the castle overlooks the village of Lucens and offers a magnificent view of the region. The old rooms have kept their old charm and rain or shine, there are many possibilities to organize your event as well as possible. Joël will welcome you with a smile and will know how to best advise you so that your day remains unforgettable!
Anaïs Hendrik (3 years ago)
A huge thank you to Joël for his kindness in view of our wedding. I advise everyone who wishes to have a break from life to organize their event in this exceptional place. My marriage was celebrated on 19.09.2020
Ross Heaney (3 years ago)
Beautiful castle from the distance! However just to be warned it’s actually private property, so it’s not touristy but there are events and I think you can stay there if you book a room. Lovely views from Lucens anyway!
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