Tempietto di San Fedelino

Novate Mezzola, Italy

The Tempietto di San Fedelino is a 10th to 11th-century small, Roman Catholic sanctuary or church, located in a remote rural site at the south shore of the River Mera. The small church is made of local stone and has a rounded apse. It still retains some 11th-century frescoes. The frescoes resemble those from the apse of the church of San Vincenzo in Galliano (circa 1004–1007).



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Novate Mezzola, Italy
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Founded: 10th century AD
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Danilo Galaxian (2 months ago)
06/08/2022 . I trekked to San Fedelino starting from Dascio. The little temple is nice but the view, before going back down to lake level, is fantastic. The route on the way down to the church is poorly marked. From the church, crossing a small grove you arrive at a small beach overlooking the lake which is truly hidden and spectacular. A fairly easy and truly satisfying trip.
Gianluca Zanelotto (6 months ago)
Ancient temple in a secluded area, the walk to reach it is beautiful, I recommend the lower variant, the higher one is challenging and has a landslide at the end.
Elisabetta Todeschini (8 months ago)
Beautiful Romanesque temple dedicated to San Fedele martyr! It can be reached starting from the small church of San Giovanni all'Archetto and following a path in the woods that runs along the Mera river.. the route is mostly flat but there are some ups and downs and two metal staircases. In less than an hour you reach the temple! p.s. prepare yourself for the clouds of midges and insects that will follow you throughout the entire journey!!
Anna (13 months ago)
The path starts from the church of San Giovanni All'Archetto (Casenda) where it is possible to arrive by car following the last 500 meters of a slightly unpaved road. The path is quite simple (duration approximately 1.30 minutes, obviously it is also possible to follow another more demanding path lasting approximately 2 hours) suitable for everyone, only in a small central stretch which is a little more demanding, for the rest almost entirely flat and walking along the Mera river you arrive at the Tempietto Di San Fedelino (which can be visited from April to October from 2.00pm to 5.00pm only on Saturdays/Sundays and holidays). Continuing for another 100 meters you arrive at a beautiful beach with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.
Nice walk from Fascio in a beautiful natural environment, maybe the stamps need a brushing, however the path is clearly evident
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