Salvador Church

Seville, Spain

The Salvador church was erected on the remains of the Ibn Adabba, the Great Mosque of Muslim Seville (9th century). This religious temple, as well as its surroundings, had great importance in the daily life of the people, which is why when the Christians conquered Seville, they allowed it to be used as a mosque in the beginning, but in 1340, it was converted into the parish of Salvador.

In addition, it was agreed to maintain the ostentatious rank of the second temple of the city; for it was granted a collegiate character. Thus, this building would continue to be used religiously until 1671, when the passage of time left it strongly deteriorated. Its construction as we see it today began in 1674 with the architect Esteban García. Work ended in 1712 under the architect Leonardo de Figueroa.



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Founded: 1674
Category: Religious sites in Spain

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Marcelo Arenas (4 months ago)
Anyone who has been to Europe a few times knows churches have an exhausting presence everywhere. Some of them are really worthy to be visited anyway, due to their unique design and beauty. The rule is: Never underestimate them. This is a nice church, but has no surprises in there.
Edward Tong (6 months ago)
Not allowed in with a basketball shirt on while chicks entered in their vests without any problem. Guess Jesus Christ’s fondness for cleavage has been passed down particularly well at this church. Amazing grace!
Ogan Cihan Öcal (7 months ago)
Once we were done with our visit to the Sevilla Cathedral, we were told by the audio guide that we were able to visit El Divino Salvador using the same tickets. It was not easy to find the entrance - however, once we got in, we were really impressed by the structure and size. Similar to Sevilla Cathedral, the prominent style of this church was also Baroque & Gothic. I would recommend it if you already have tickets to Sevilla Cathedral.
Lewis Lau (2 years ago)
It’s a nice church. But everything becomes relative when you need to compare with other local churches. If you buy admission ticket to the Seville Cathedral, then the entrance to this church is included, thus worthwhile.
Pedro de Pedra (2 years ago)
The sheer opulence of the place is even for Spanish historic church standards exceptional. Do visit. Do not let the not-so-special outside put you off. The beauty is inside. Ticket €5. Together with the cathedral they have a combined ticket €11.
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