Sommersdorf Castle

Sommersdorf, Germany

Sommersdorf takes its name from the noble Sunnemannesdorf family who settled in the area in the 13th century. Ludwig von Eyb built the castle in the 14th century. A noteworthy family member is his grandson, Albrecht von Eyb, who was born at the castle and later became Germany’s first humanistic writer.

In 1550 the von Crailsheim family took possession of the castle. A year later, Wolf von Crailsheim introduced Protestantism to Sommersdorf. The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) brought plundering, burning, and looting to the town, but the castle remained relatively unscathed.

By the middle of the 19th century, renovations on the castle began, replacing the drawbridge by a stone one, as well as constructing a new top floor of the castle. For the last 100 years, the von Crailsheim family have lived at Schloss Sommersdorf.

This Bavarian castle boasts everything a castle lover could desire: moat, turrets, towers, spiral staircases, and a stone bridge.



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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)

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User Reviews

S Hicks (2 years ago)
Cool random place to see. I wasn't sure how far on the property I could go to take pics.
Michael McCoy (2 years ago)
Unbelievable that you can actually stay here! Small but comfortable rooms for rent inside of this 500+ year old historic castle with moat, defensive walls and towers, tunnel, etc. Spent Christmas there and my kids will never forget it! Got a person tour from owner, dame family for hundreds of years.
Angela Murphy (5 years ago)
Very pretty location. Parking is a bit tricky as most GPS will take to resident parking. There is a small parking area on a country road out side the castle by the yellow lady statue. You can't go into the building but can walk around outside the moat and see the castle, bridge, gate and old wall very well. This is a very quick trip, I don't think we even spent 30 minutes there.
Frank Parth (6 years ago)
Great memories! Def. worth your time if you're in the area! Perfect to let your kids imaginations run wild!
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