Tarcienne Castle

Walcourt, Belgium

Castle of Tarcienne was initially constructed in 1674 for Charles-Ignace de Colins. Its style was Louis XIV. It is located on a slight hilltop in the western portion of the village of Tarcienne, in the municipality of Walcourt. At present the castle is occupied by Eric Rosens, who is working to restore it to its previous state. It is not presently open to the public.



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Founded: 1674
Category: Castles and fortifications in Belgium

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Agnes Wilmet (2 years ago)
Very beautiful and very welcoming Thank you
Red pingouin (2 years ago)
The castle of Tarcienne is a castle located in the village of Tarcienne, in the town of Walcourt, in the province of Namur. The castle was built by Charles-Ignace de Colins in 1674, in Louis XIV style. Today, the castle belongs to Eric Roosens who restores it. It is not accessible to the public.
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