Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro

Braga, Portugal

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro is a shrine in Espinho, in the surroundings of the city of Braga. ts construction was initiated in the 19th century, by Father Martinho da Silva, in neoclassical style. Artistically not have much interest except the silver tabernacle that we can see on the main altar and the image of the patron saint, held in Rome by the sculptor Eugénio Maccagnani and brought to the sanctuary in 1880.

Construction was begun on 14 July 1863 on the domed church of Nossa Senhora do Sameiro (Our Lady of Sameiro). The founder of the shrine was the Vicar of Braga, Padre Antonio Martinho Pereira da Silva. The sanctuary is the largest Marian devotional shrine in Portugal, second only to the Sanctuary of Fátima.

Pope Pius IX granted the decree of Canonical coronation towards the Marian image on 22 December 1876. The rite of coronation was executed on 12 June 1904 via Archbishop Giuseppe Macchi.



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Founded: 1863
Category: Religious sites in Portugal

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Fady Y. Aoun (7 months ago)
Lovely place to visit and stay... At the top of the mountain looking over Braga and surrounded by forests. From there you can monitor the mountains chains as far as the Pyrenees.
Lior Blum (9 months ago)
Very nice church, both inside and outside. Free entrance. Peaceful time spent here and great views of the entire region. As someone mentioned here, it's best to come here by bus from Braga (line 88 I think) and then walk to the nearby gorgeous Bom Jesus through serene woodlands (follow Google Maps directions by foot). You'll find yourself right at the top of the stairs!
Pablo Figueiredo (14 months ago)
Amazing experience, the building is colossal, it makes you feel like an ant, although it is not as impressive when you enter it, it’s really basic church stuff. Nice place to watch the sunset.
Jorge Baptista (16 months ago)
Oh this place is so worth to visit just for the sunset alone. It is really magnificent. It is also good for a walk and you have many great views of the cities and landscape from above. Just like Bom Jesus this is a must see if you are in Braga or close. You have multiple places to sit down and relax in this quiet place and I believe there is also a restaurant or bar at the site if you get hungry (closes late afternoon). When I visited there was some exposition downstairs.
Shiva Prasad (17 months ago)
Fantastic views of the city.. And the cool breeze on a summer evening feels refreshing.. Best place in the city for sunset views..
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