Old Aker Church

Oslo, Norway

Old Aker Church (Gamle Aker kirke) is Oslo's oldest remaining building and the only remaining church from the Middle Ages. It is assumed that it was built around the year 1150. It is a stone church, built as a three-naved Roman-style basilica.

The church has been pillaged and ravaged by fire several times. The oldest part of the surrounding churchyard dates back to the 12th century. The church has a baroque pulpit and baptismal font from 1715. The tower was built in 1861.

The church was built over an old silver mine, Akersberg which was in use since the early Viking age. The mines are mentioned in the 1170 Historia Norvegiae. The mines must have been the inspiration for a number of stories about the church having hidden silver treasures and even dungeons with dragons.



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Telthusbakken 13B, Oslo, Norway
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Founded: c. 1150
Category: Religious sites in Norway


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User Reviews

Alanna Soares (2 years ago)
Beautiful Church ⛪️
My dear my globals friends with Oslo s all my dearest my heartiest friends iam kajal chakrabarty Indian Bengoli citizen ilove peace!my mission is peace my vision is peace there for iwrote apolitical solution for our globals peace this political solution s name is united communism my dear myglobals friends with Oslo s my dearest my heartiest friends Oslo s kirkelig fellesrad is naturalty show is prehistoric but hear oldest building is very good many community s people come hear and enjoy this place is very delighte full place thank you my dear my globals friends with Oslo s my dearest my heartiest Oslo s all friends
rudel stricker (3 years ago)
Not only the oldest building in the city, but probably also the most atmospheric church in Oslo. The original Roman style of the building is mostly preserved, and the few addons from later times do not disturb too much. A great place to enjoy, especially, if someone plays the small organ..
Erik Hedmo (3 years ago)
Ever-changing natural light on grey, solid and massive stone blocks. No wonder it still stands after more than a thousand years. A few small colored glass windows. Simplicity and symmetry. Small but beautiful inside.
Svein Daniel Langeteig (4 years ago)
Oslos oldest building. An awesome landmark with a lot of history. You should definitely see it!
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