Ronde Lutherse Kerk

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Ronde Lutherse Kerk or Koepelkerk is a former Lutheran church designed by Adriaan Dortsman (ca. 1636-1682). It was opened in 1671. The organ was built by J Batz in 1830 and it was restored in 1983 by Flentrop Orgelbouw. In 1882 it was rebuilt after a fire. In 1935 the Lutherans left the building and it became a concert hall.



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Founded: 1671
Category: Religious sites in Netherlands

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4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

true ruwa (13 months ago)
Great event venue
Oren Lapid (14 months ago)
The building is interesting, however the highlights are the public defenses of PhDs an naming of new professors for the UVA the university of Amsterdam
B Ponco (14 months ago)
Very nice place for students to defense their thesis. Good luck!
Gregg Sneller (16 months ago)
Gracefully welcomed into this place of worship.
Elisa (3 years ago)
Beautiful place to have a university lecture at! The inside is still like a traditional church but the benches are comfortable theatre seats with flip tables. Ideal location in the heart of the city.
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