Mittelburg castle, one of the four castles above Neckarsteinach, was probably built around 1165 by Conrad I of Steinach, the youngest son of Bligger II of Steinach. The castle was rebuilt into a Renaissance palace in the 16th century and Gothicized in the 19th century. Nowadays it is a home to the von Warsberg-Dorth family



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Founded: c. 1165
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

שלומי מתתיהו (12 months ago)
The castles provide a spectacular view over the Neckar river. The best one is the Hinterburg, the Mittelburg has no access because it is in private ownership. The Schadeck castle was also closed. Parking lot is beneath the path leading to the Hinterburg.
Swapnil Naik (13 months ago)
Broken but still standing
Flavius Popa (14 months ago)
Not open to public! Only for events. You can not see anything inside. To bad that from 4 castels only 2 can be visited.
Alan Summerfield (14 months ago)
Nice but private, so no access to the grounds.
Semih Bahadır (2 years ago)
Amazing view and great place for hiking. It is one of the four castles/towers along hiking route. Tower is still in good condition and you can climb to see the river as well as the city.
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