Lisberg Castle

Lisberg, Germany

Lisberg castle - one of the oldest castles in Franconia – was first mentioned in an historical document in 820. Being in possession of the Babenberger family – earls of the region – it has been used as a sanctuary for the people of the Region. Lisberg castle belonged to the Catholic prince bishops of Bamberg and the protestant Markgraves of Ansbach at the same time. Whenever necessary, the people of Lisberg simply changed sides and then evaded destruction, which was the fate of all other 31 castles in the Steigerwald area.

The oldest building of the castle is the romantic donjon and the dark awesome prison. The internal castle gate is also of Romanic style. The womens’ house is in Gothic style and the palace is in Renaissance style, built around 1600. The most beautiful rooms are the large kitchen and the great hall which was redesigned by Otto Philipp von Muenster in the year 1776. During the last centuries many noble families occupied the castle. The most important lords of the castle were the Freiherrn of Muenster. Mr. Hans Fischer is the current owner of the castle and has revived it.



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Burgberg 10, Lisberg, Germany
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Founded: c. 820 AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Part of The Frankish Empire (Germany)

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User Reviews

Juergen Brueckner (3 years ago)
A beautiful old castle. There are 2 companies inside the castle. These are: Burg Lisberg Events - BBS & MS GbR and the Winery Dieter Laufer
Reimund Söhnlein (4 years ago)
A very beautiful castle that we like to visit again and again, also to buy wine there. On the last visit, however, we "escaped" again in the outer ward of the winery, as a free-ranging dog barked towards us.
Derya Demuth (5 years ago)
To respond to your answer: I have given the 5 stars without a detailed description so far because that was only a first impression. We will celebrate our church wedding at your place in August next year. So far we have "only" visited the location and maintained a very friendly email correspondence. We were quickly taken by the castle itself, the castle courtyard (which we fell in love with immediately and where we plan to hold the celebration weather permitting), the castle hall and the tavern. Ms. Bause-Stöcker answered all of our questions personally, during the visit, and immediately in the emails. After our wedding reception I will write another or revised review.
Michael Kla (5 years ago)
Very nice castle with a very nice medieval atmosphere. I will definitely take a look again when it opens, unfortunately I was too late today to take a look inside. But from the outside made a very neat and interesting impression. There are also great events such as a murder mystery dinner next Friday.
Christian Geyer (6 years ago)
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