Schallaburg Castle

Schallaburg, Austria

The central part of the Schallaburg Castle was built in the German Renaissance Age, beginning around 1540, by the Losenstein dynasty. The castle is combination of a Romanesque residential castle and a Gothic chapel, patterned in the Italian Renaissance style. Aesthetically built, it has a well-decorated two-storied arcaded court with elegant cantilevered staircases and a courtyard. The decorations are in terracotta mosaic depicting mythological figures, gods, masks and human beings and animals; a legendary mythical figurine here is known as Hundefräulein (a female human figure with a dog’s head).

At the gate entrance to the castle, there are two large 'smoke-spewing dragons', each 30 metres long and 6 metres high, which is a favourite entertainment spot for the children to slide down its mouth from the top. Its culturally rich Mannerist gardens have roses, ornamental trees and bushes and herbs planted in the gardens in the town, and two Renaissance apple orchards.



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Founded: 1540
Category: Castles and fortifications in Austria


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User Reviews

b w (11 months ago)
Always a treat to visit the castle with beautiful arcades. For the past years additional rooms are accessable which are not part of the yearly exhibition but part of the remaining castle.
Miss Chella (11 months ago)
Cute little castle and archery experience. Cozy with cakes and local wines. Very nice experience.
Twan Engels (12 months ago)
Depending on the exhibition it can be interesting to go here. Nice castle, although there is reconstructionwork going on. We decided to visit and just take a walk because the exhibit was for kids. Not by far worth the 28 euros for 2 adults if the castle itself is being renovated. Then again we are happy to contribute to keep it in good shape.
Paulo Karvaly Viégas Fernandes (3 years ago)
Amazing place! Very friendly to families. If you are with kids, ask for a kit at the entrance. The restaurant inside is also worth a lunch or a quick meal. Friendly staff, tasty food and reasonable price.
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