European Hansemuseum

Lübeck, Germany

The European Hansemuseum is dedicated to the history of the Hanseatic League. The museum consists of a permanent exhibition with exhibits of original historical objects, interactive elements and staged historical scenes from the former trading ports of the Hansa Novgorod, Bruges, Bergen and London, as well as Lübeck. The original historical items displayed include documents, paintings and gold and silver coins from the so-called Lübeck Hoard.

The exhibition is aimed at informing visitors about the overall history of the Hanseatic League from its formation to its dissolution, but also about the economics and trade networks of the League as well as of everyday life in the historical time span during which the Hansa existed. It is the largest museum in the world dedicated to the history of the Hanseatic League.



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Founded: 2015
Category: Museums in Germany


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Michelle Van Der Westhuizen (2 years ago)
When in Lübeck, make sure you visit this museum! Make sure that you are well rested, the tour is quite extensive, but well worth it. We found the staff quite helpful and kind, we had the option of doing the tour in English, which is a big bonus. We asked if we can take a break halfway through the tour and they accomodated us and took us back to where we left off. You have to try their coffee shop for the most delicious coffee!
Thais B. (2 years ago)
Didn't expect much of this museum but I'm so glad I have it a chance! It is a wonderful immersive experience and thankfully they've adapted properly to the current restrictions in order to keep it interactive (which should be best practice and replicated by all other museums). I spent 2 1/2 hours here and wasn't bored for a minute!
Michael Hofmann (2 years ago)
Fantastic museum about the Hanse history. We loved their recreation of historic locations and many interactive displays. Everything is also translated in multiple languages. As a nod to the environment, you don't need to take their earphones if you have your own.
Krzysztof Kasprzyk (2 years ago)
Fully accessible in English and making good use of modern technology. Even topics like company law made interesting. Plus very friendly and forthcoming staff and nice cafeteria.
Jesse Luukkonen (2 years ago)
If you like history, go here. The museum was very modern and the exhibition is really good put out. There are different themes in the rooms and they're really interesting. I would recommend you to be wiser then I was and go there without a hangover.
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