Renoir Museum

Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

The Renoir museum is placed in the heart of a beautiful estate in Cagnes-sur-Mer, planted with olive and citrus trees offering a breathtaking view down the Cape of Antibes. It was the retreat and final address of the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who moved to Cagnes in an attempt to improve his arthritis. The museum's collection ; painting, scultpures, artist's studio and furniture constitute the testimony of Renoir's last 12 years of life spent in Cagnes-sur-Mer.

In 1908, Renoir settled in the Collettes. Seduced by the climate, he enjoyed painting outside, reproducing on his canvas the bright colours of the olive trees, fruits and flowers of the region as well as the voluptuous bodies of the young Cagnoises that lived here. Also, it is in Cagnes that he started sculpting for the first time. The happiness that comes out of Renoir paintings is due to the exaltation and felicity that the painter kept until his last day despite the weakness that overcame his body, when he became very ill.The Renoir Museum reproduces the exact environment that the painter knew, displaying some of his canvas, furniture, and familiar objects.



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Founded: 1960
Category: Museums in France

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Ekaterina Aleshina (6 months ago)
Inspiring gorgeous garden, but for there was not enough ART of famous Renoir. Still recommend to visit. The entrance is free for people under 26 :)
Kirill Maksimkin (7 months ago)
Very impressed by the museum. First of all you can buy a combined ticket for the museum and the Grimaldi castle for 8 euros / per. Then I do recommend taking an excursion in the museum for another 3 euros per person. It’s a 1.5 hours guided tour. I’m amazed by the quality and inspiration of the guide. I could deep into the story of the Renoir art and his family. There is also a nice shop with some materials in English and other languages. Very good 2 hours of visiting this place. So glad to see the masterpieces of a true genius.
Laila M (8 months ago)
Beautiful mansion and the olive grove garden…. You will also see quite a few of his art works on loan from Musée d’Orsay. Though it seems that artist enjoyed living here, it is a little bit sad to imagine how he suffered his last years … I didn’t know that Renoir’s hands’ condition was so severe, but he continued to work …
Bogdan Marcelan (11 months ago)
During our first holiday on the Côte d'Azur, my wife and I definitely wanted to see Renoir's house and its history. Above the estate, a very nicely decorated house and a beautifully presented life of the artist himself, impressed us. Which I could not stop observing and photographing.
Nuriya Fehr (14 months ago)
This place has definitely some energy from the big artist Renoir. You feel the quietness and inspiration he had at this place. The olive trees are so old and it’s amazing to realize that the same trees you see was seeing by the greatest Renoir. I fell in love with the house and property. You should not expect Louvre with its painting’s gallery. It’s more about the house and around it. The market garden is very cute!
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