Brunswick Monument

Geneva, Switzerland

The Brunswick Monument is a mausoleum built in 1879 in Geneva to commemorate the life of Charles II, Duke of Brunswick (1804–1873). He bequeathed his fortune to the city of Geneva in exchange for a monument to be built in his name, specifying that it be a replica of the Scaliger Tombs in Verona, Italy.

Linguist, musician and knight, the Duke of Brunswick, Charles d’Este-Guelph, was a unique individual indeed. Born in 1804, he was expelled from his duchy in 1830, located in what is now Germany. He fled into exile to various European cities including Paris, where he made a fortune and then moved to Geneva. In 1873, he died and bequeathed his immense fortune to Geneva in exchange for a beautiful funeral and a monument to his name.



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Founded: 1879
Category: Statues in Switzerland


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User Reviews

Violet Chan (10 months ago)
Open space no entrance fee. Just next to all 5 to 6 stars hotels;facing the lakes. Worst fearful encounter visiting here. Beware of anyone approach you to take picture as an excuse and comes 2 men who imposed to be police(without uniform),show u a fake identity,sound convincing that they want to protect tourist of FAKE money exchange and literally ransacked your bag and seems they will confiscate(take away) big notes claiming fake cannot use. Target female victims especially. If you are alone,snap picture n go.Dont stay too long. Be safe and alert..Call Police 117.
Chloe Smith (13 months ago)
This monument, built in 1879, was to celebrate the life of the Duke of Brunswick who left his fortune of 24 million francs to the city, on the agreement that a mausoleum would be built in his memory. The monument overlooks the lake and the surrounding park is planted up beautifully.
Paul Calcutt Local Property Expert (14 months ago)
Great place to visit, bought travel pass for the day that you can use for the train, tram and boat taxi as mny times as you want. It was fairly quite, nice statue with a great friendly cafe and perfect view of the jet
Leon Anavi (2 years ago)
Beautiful mausolée in a nice small park next to the lake. Of course the view to the lake is fantastic.
Jasmine Decker (2 years ago)
Always beautiful, especially with the Jet d’eau in the background. You can either sit on the many benches, have a stroll or a picnic and there is also a restaurant in the area
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