Old Botanical Garden

Zürich, Switzerland

The Old Botanical Garden is an idyllic oasis at the heart of downtown Zurich. Its history dates back to the year 1837. Today it is home to various old trees that give the garden its enchanting aura.

The mediaeval herb garden, the “Gessner Garden”, is located on a hill and offers insight into 16th century knowledge of medicinal plants. The palm house is a protected monument from the 19th century and today is predominantly used for concerts, theatre and exhibitions.



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    Founded: 1837

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    4.3/5 (based on Google user reviews)

    User Reviews

    Helena Korjonen (16 months ago)
    Very nice old park. Many plants although need a bit of tidying up. Very charming place.
    Marco Andrea Bolandini (16 months ago)
    A lovely paradise in the middle of a busy city where you can relax on the small fields. Also an interesting collection of plants well described allowing you to wonder of from the chaos of the city, toilets are for free. However, at night is closed and there are no snack shop there.
    Reza Mazaheri (16 months ago)
    Calm area and very well designed garden with attractive paths.
    Jusuf Zehnder (17 months ago)
    A litte beautiful place in the heart of the City. Little great Relaxing time there.
    Rabbit H (2 years ago)
    Zurich has several botanical gardens. This is one of them. When I visited there, it’s noon and many people were relaxing and having lunch. There were housewives with kids,looked freeing. I was not able to see vivid colors flowers. But it’s a good place you should visit one.
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