Old Botanical Garden

Zürich, Switzerland

The Old Botanical Garden is an idyllic oasis at the heart of downtown Zurich. Its history dates back to the year 1837. Today it is home to various old trees that give the garden its enchanting aura.

The mediaeval herb garden, the “Gessner Garden”, is located on a hill and offers insight into 16th century knowledge of medicinal plants. The palm house is a protected monument from the 19th century and today is predominantly used for concerts, theatre and exhibitions.



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    Founded: 1837

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    4.4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

    User Reviews

    Alexander Albicker (13 months ago)
    small but really nice to hangout, look around. not much content i.e. signs on plants etc.
    Balázs Pintér (13 months ago)
    Nice spot in the middle of the busy city. Could be better maintained though
    N V (13 months ago)
    A forgotten gem - a little bit run down, but charming. A very welcome greenspace without crowds. On a day with beautiful weather and flowering enchanting!
    William Bell (13 months ago)
    Love sitting up the top here, it's like being in a little island oasis above all the cars which otherwise make this part of Zurich less nice. If they banned all the cars from driving through Zurich, the city would be so much better.
    Frank Niemand (14 months ago)
    Beautiful. You should definitely check it out, either for a walk or maybe sitting down or having a pick nick
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