Bern Historical Museum

Bern, Switzerland

The Bern Historical Museum is the second largest historical museum in Switzerland. It was designed by the Neuchâtel architect André Lambert and built in 1894. Since it was initially conceived as the Swiss National Museum (which the city of Zurich was later chosen to host), the architect took as his model various historic castles from the 15th and 16th centuries. An extension to the original museum building was completed in 2009.

The museum contains collections related to the history of Bern from prehistoric times to the present and other artefacts on permanent display from Asia, Oceania, America and Egypt. One of the most remarkable items in the collection is the Muri statuette group, a group of six Gallo-Roman bronze figurines.

Over the museum's entrance is a glass mosaic, 'The Age of History', featuring the figures of Poetry and History, made in 1900 by the Swiss painter Léo-Paul Robert.

First conceived as a temporary exhibition in 2005, the Einstein Museum became a museum dedicated to the life and work of Albert Einstein, who developed the Relativity Theory while living in Bern. The house where he lived (Einsteinhaus) in this period is also open to the public, but is located elsewhere in the city and charges separate entry fees.



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Founded: 1894
Category: Museums in Switzerland

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User Reviews

Mehmet Gökmen (7 months ago)
It was a nice museum trip. Especially Young Boys Championship trophies were nice.
Nez Erkman (7 months ago)
I really enjoyed my visit and spent almost 2 hours there. Avoid big groups / busy times as it may ruin your experience. I call this a ”boutique" museum. Must seen.
Crossak (7 months ago)
An amazing place with a range of amazing exhibits. I went May last year and its a nice peaceful place where you can look at some nice artifacts. I went during the Samurai exhibition and it was amazing to see something I dont see! The staff were helpful and seemed they really enjoy doing their job! Amazing place, well recommended!
Najeeb Abdullah (7 months ago)
During our trip to Bern we decided to stop by the Bern historical museum and Einstein museum. We really ejoyed viewing the Einstein museum portion. It was good to understand the history and the different cool exhibits. The basement also had additional historical exhibits. There was also an additional exhibit at the time exploring the local football team but we didn't get a chance to see it.
Liz Scott (10 months ago)
Great museum you can easily spend a morning or afternoon at. Fabulous medieval/renaissance collection of art and armor/weapons including the famous Bern armor and the Mille-Fleur tapestry. Only confusing thing is these are on a different floor while the arms/armor exhibit is in the lower level. They tell you this (that it's not organized by time period). Also fabulous way to learn Bern's history from its founding to the present day.
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