Schadau Palace is situated in the Schaudaupark, and was built between 1846 and 1854 according to the plans of Pierre-Charles Dusillon in the Gothic Revival style, for the banker Abraham Denis Alfred de Rougemont

Since 1925 the castle has belonged to the city of Thun and contains a restaurant and the Swiss Gastronomy Museum. Between 1972 and 1992 the façade of the castle was renovated by the city's own quarrymen.

The oldest known surviving panorama was completed in 1814 by Marquard Wocher, and is on display at the Schadau Castle, depicting an average morning in the Swiss town of Thun. As of today it's owned by the Gottfried Keller Foundation.



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Seestrasse 45, Thun, Switzerland
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Founded: 1846-1854
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Switzerland

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Midori Zaidan (13 months ago)
We have spent 2 nights at schloss schadau in November. we had a spacious room with an amazing view on the lake and mountains. Roger was very professional and very kind, he made our stay very special through his attention to detail and discreet very special care.
Lusy S. (2 years ago)
Whatever you order at the restaurant it is very delicious. Very professional and super friendly staff. We had very good experience.
baldo rojo (2 years ago)
What an awful experience! Don't waste your money and get a cheaper hotel, Schloss Schadau doesn't worth the money. Just have a look of the pictures and let me explain you our experience. We were looking forward to our stay in this hotel. It looks so impressive, special and beautiful, but that is just on the leaflet. We are paying a lot of money for our rooms and what we get it's nothing like the pictures. Such a shame. The bathroom in our premium room looks like an hospital, just have a look of the picture. We are getting a shower with a plastic curtain! Water goes everywhere... In the other room the sink is next to the TV! Come on, I get the "modern style interior design", but this is just ridiculous and and safety hazard. Have a look of the picture. The reception lady was so cold and she even answered the phone twice to take restaurant reservations while we were checking in. It took about 30 minutes since we arrive until we finally got our room keys. We made a reservation for the restaurant, and I have to admit that our waiter gave us an impeccable service and the food was good, but I found a long hair in my risotto and the fish fillet was full of fish bones. They comp the risotto and the water. The worst part was when I when down to complain about the room they gave us with the plastic curtain and the toilet for disable people. Don't get me wrong, it's great they have this kind of facilities, but they should let clients know about this. Normally when you book you have the option to choose this kind of room. But I didn't book this room. The lady told me they have one room available but we have to pay around 100 euros to upgrade. I was in shock and I obviously refused to pay more money. She called the manager and she then said we can get the room if we paid 60 extra euros. This is ridiculous! They have an empty room and they refused to change it! We are paying around 500 euros and this is the kinf of service you get. Later on, around 8 30 we went down to ask a question and the reception was close, when they state they close at 10pm. In conclusion, it just does not worth the money. If you want to visit the hotel, they have a nice bar and you can walk around the park and have nice pictures for free, but don't spend your money to stay here. There's better hotels just around the corner for the same price or much cheaper. Big disappointment!
daniel dd (2 years ago)
The Chateau sits beautifuly just next to the lake of Thun. The location offers amazing views on the lake and you can dine in style. The decor is amazing with impressive chandeliers and nicely renovate walls and furniture. Reopened 1st of June 2020.
Ausra Rimkute (2 years ago)
Great escape in a luxurious private environment on a cost of Thun lake. Perfect settlement for executive business event, weddings or private escape with a bit of sparkle. Very historic and unique experience.
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Beckov Castle

The Beckov castle stands on a steep 50 m tall rock in the village Beckov. The dominance of the rock and impression of invincibility it gaves, challenged our ancestors to make use of these assets. The result is a remarkable harmony between the natural setting and architecture.

The castle first mentioned in 1200 was originally owned by the King and later, at the end of the 13th century it fell in hands of Matúš Èák. Its owners alternated - at the end of the 14th century the family of Stibor of Stiborice bought it.

The next owners, the Bánffys who adapted the Gothic castle to the Renaissance residence, improved its fortifications preventing the Turks from conquering it at the end of the 16th century. When Bánffys died out, the castle was owned by several noble families. It fell in decay after fire in 1729.

The history of the castle is the subject of different legends. One of them narrates the origin of the name of castle derived from that of jester Becko for whom the Duke Stibor had the castle built.

Another legend has it that the lord of the castle had his servant thrown down from the rock because he protected his child from the lords favourite dog. Before his death, the servant pronounced a curse saying that they would meet in a year and days time, and indeed precisely after that time the lord was bitten by a snake and fell down to the same abyss.

The well-conserved ruins of the castle, now the National Cultural Monument, are frequently visited by tourists, above all in July when the castle festival takes place. The former Ambro curia situated below the castle now shelters the exhibition of the local history.