Schadau Palace

Thun, Switzerland

Schadau Palace is situated in the Schaudaupark, and was built between 1846 and 1854 according to the plans of Pierre-Charles Dusillon in the Gothic Revival style, for the banker Abraham Denis Alfred de Rougemont

Since 1925 the castle has belonged to the city of Thun and contains a restaurant and the Swiss Gastronomy Museum. Between 1972 and 1992 the façade of the castle was renovated by the city's own quarrymen.

The oldest known surviving panorama was completed in 1814 by Marquard Wocher, and is on display at the Schadau Castle, depicting an average morning in the Swiss town of Thun. As of today it's owned by the Gottfried Keller Foundation.



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Seestrasse 45, Thun, Switzerland
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Founded: 1846-1854
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Switzerland

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Alex H. (2 years ago)
Stayed there for one night at duluxe room with lake view. the room position was brilliant, highest floor at castle corner — which enables the room to have two balconies, facing the lake/mountain and side views separately. Room/Bathroom was super spacious, comfortable bed. A 24h lounge with espresso/tea bag. Another delightful surprise is that guest can use the next door 4-star hotel (congress hotel)’s spa & sauna for free — and there sauna was the best since my Finland experience these many years A few minor issues to be improved: 1. my room run out of tissue/room fragrance 2. lounge’s espresso machine was out of order in pm till next morning back to normal function 3. breakfast wasn’t buffet, and supply/options were a bit limited In summary, a place let u to soak in the essence of the Thun lake
Sean C (2 years ago)
A special place. Our room had stunning views of the lake. Everything you’d expect from a castle hotel. Staff was kind and attentive. Breakfast was high end. Luxurious bathrooms. And dinner was a delight. Get the tasting menu.
Jakub Jakub (2 years ago)
Amazing place, with gorgeous views. You need to see this place ! More on ig: 3paskinadresie
Shqipe Berisha (2 years ago)
Amazing view in every session. Great for walks or just enjoying the time one the Hugh park. In the summer you can't miss a swim or a boat ride. There is also a playground for kids
Drew Suthipongchai (3 years ago)
The scholoss is so pretty, but I'd recommend coming in day time rather than night time to enjoy the view of the garden also. The food was fantastic and the interior is superb. Really worth the visit!
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