Plean Tower comprises a small oblong tower house probably dating from the 15th century, and an adjoining 16th-century manor house.

Robert Bruce granted the barony of Plean, or Plane, to John d’Erth soon after 1314. The castle was probably built by Lord Somerville, who acquired the lands of Plean in 1449, through marriage.

An adjoining manor house was built in about 1528. In 1643 James Somervell, 8th Lord of Plane, sold the barony and lands to meet debts. It passed to the Nicholsons and the Elphinstones, but both the tower and the manor fell into disrepair. During the 1745 rebellion the Jacobite troops used the property.

Sir David Menzies restored the buildings in 1908, but by the 1930s they were again no longer in use. It was rebuilt from ruins by Nancy and John Patrick Wright and their sons in 1991-1997 to form a home and holiday accommodation.

Plean Castle originally had three stories and a garret, with parapet corbelling. In its rebuilt 1990s form there is a great hall in the tower with painted ceiling beams and a large fireplace. The adjoining modern 'manor house' is connected to the tower by a wooden walkway and is built over a vaulted basement surviving from the 1528 manor house.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in United Kingdom

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Emma Brock (13 months ago)
I recently stayed at Plane Castle over the Bank Holiday weekend for my brothers wedding. Such a stunning place and it oozed so much history. We stayed in a twin room in the tower. The beds were very comfortable and enough clean towels for 2 people for the weekend. The only downfall was squeaky floorboards from the room above, but the castle is 600 years old!!!! Elise and the team at the castle were second to none and couldn't do any more for you. Thank you for making our weekend fabulous.
helen m (13 months ago)
Amazing from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble from all the different dates for our wedding to getting Lincolnshire sausages for the bbq. Eliese and her team made our day run like clockwork and her mum, Sonja along with Steve kept us busy with the highland games and did their best to control our (my) cheating. Just the difficult decision when to go back Christmas or Anniversary. thank you all at Plane Castle
Cara King (14 months ago)
No track and trace, very bad in these trying times! Also no towels in the bathrooms, some of which didn't even have locks!
Jacqueline King (14 months ago)
My daughter recently got married in the castle and we had a good time until the Sunday morning. There had been a few hiccups before the weekend, but we were happy to go with the flow. Then came “Macaronigate”. The problems boil down to the lack of a contract being provided. We had asked several times for one but it was never received, with the final excuse that Sonja (the manager at the time, later superseded by her daughter Eliese) could not attach the file, but she did list what the Castle would provide and attach a booking form so we went ahead and booked the hog roast, with mac n cheese in the evening. Due to moving the ceremony time back we then decided that the macaroni would probably just go to waste, so cancelled well ahead of time. Jump to the groom sulking about the lack of pasta and an eventual compromise of ordering some from a local takeaway for anyone wanting it. The day went well, but with a few niggles. When the wedding night arrived, so did the pasta, and Eliese (now manager) was not happy. She sent it away after giving the poor delivery driver a hard time, and then came to find me, telling me I was taking the p**s by ordering it from elsewhere as this was clearly not allowed in the contract (which we had not received). I was having a good day, so just said that I was sorry but I didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed, but if that was the outcome then fair enough. As far as I am concerned that was the end of the matter, but Eliese’s mother felt differently. The following morning, having been told by Eliese we should vacate the bedrooms by 11 and the downstairs by 12, I was surprised to go into my bedroom just after 10 to find Steve (Sonja’s husband, are you keeping up?) in there. As my jewellery was still on the bed, I was rather uneasy that strangers were just letting themselves into the rooms. I say letting themselves in, but there was no lock on the door and it fell open every time someone went past, so there was no real effort involved in entering. Anyway, Steve said we should have been out of the bedrooms by 10, but was perfectly polite and we both carried on. I then went to make sure that everyone else was getting ready to leave. Enter Sonja. I didn’t witness the immediate events after that, but have had full feedback from the others present, and it wasn’t pretty. Let me just say that the bridesmaid had to jam the door shut to keep Sonja away from the bride, who as a mental health nurse is very used to dealing with out-of-control patients but was left shaken and in tears by Sonja. Her argument started out that she was cross because we were still in our rooms after 10 (again, we had been told by the manager we needed to be out by 11) and then it moved on that we were in breach of contract because of the food delivery (again, they never sent us a copy of the contract). Covid distancing rules were non-existent with her shouting ”liar” inches from people’s faces and not a mask in sight. Sonja was then discovered eavesdropping on the conversations going on in the courtyard below, and when questioned about this she said she had every right to listen to what other people were saying about her! After we had returned home and contacted the management team with our response to Sonja’s outburst, we were finally sent a link to the Ts&Cs on the website. As we did not book through the site there had been no reason to visit, but had that link been sent on at any time then everyone would have known the rules. The astonishing thing about this is that SONJA BELIEVES HER BEHAVIOUR WAS TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE, and although we have given ample chance, she has refused to apologise for her complete lack of professionalism. Think very carefully about that if you are considering booking a wedding here. Weddings are charged at more than double the normal Castle rental so some kind of basic standards should be met. I would have thought that the very first rule for a wedding venue is to keep the bride happy. Failure to do that is failure as a venue.
Claire Taylor (2 years ago)
Beautiful inside and out
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