Château de Boumois

Gennes-Val-de-Loire, France

Château de Boumois was built by René de Thory, Lord of Boumois, and lasted from 1520 to 1546. Several archival documents relating to contracts concluded with the region's master craftsmen date the vaults from the kitchen and the pantry and the two staircases leading down to the cellar from 1520. The dwelling and the south wing were built during the same period, while the dovecote was fitted out in 1524 and an enclosure wall was built around 1530. to the chapel, it was consecrated in 1546. It should be noted that the canopy of this one was sold and reassembled in the United States.

During the Wars of Religion, the castle was reinforced by bastions, and watchtowers were added to the gate. Several families succeeded each other as owners of the estate, and changes were made over the centuries. The chateau thus lost a wing in 1859.

Affected by a bombardment in 1944, the chateau was partly ruined. It has been restored over 30 year and today, the château, which has regained its luster, bears again witness to an architecture of transition between Gothic and Renaissance. The influence of this one is notable on the level of the decorations. Flanked by a reconstituted walkway, we therefore observe the dwelling with a Renaissance façade adjoined by a corner tower, the Italianate gate from the 17th century and its watchtowers, and vaulted rooms linking the dwelling and the chapel.

A park with its moat overlooks the river. Still private property, the castle is not open to the public. You can admire the building and its exteriors during a walk along the Loire



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Founded: 1520-1546
Category: Castles and fortifications in France

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Benoit Friteau (3 years ago)
Chateau closed at the beginning of July while marked as open at the tourist office. Violins to be tuned please
Dimitri Carre (3 years ago)
tamara Vaudreville (4 years ago)
Closes nobody answers the intercom no indication of reopening disappointed
Michel Le Clézio (5 years ago)
Oleksandr Shumeiko (5 years ago)
Be aware, the castle is opened only in July/August. During other months it’s impossible to get inside
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