Montivilliers Abbey

Montivilliers, France

The Abbey Church of Notre-Dame, sometimes referred to as 'Montivilliers Abbey' dates back to 684, although it was destroyed a Viking raid in 850, and rebuilt as a church in both the Romanesque and Gothic styles. It fell into decline by the late 1700's. Its decline went up to the French revolution at the end of the 18th century when it was closed and sold. Fortunately the abbey was not destroyed and was later bought back by the city of Montivilliers. An ambitious restoration program which was completed in 2000 gave back to the abbey its splendor.

Besides the church, it now houses exhibition rooms and the cloister has regained its elegance. The plan of the abbey is a traditional one: western building mass with two towers, large un-vaulted nave, projecting transept, lantern tower and gradated tower. The older parts are located in the choir and in the base of the western mass which dates from the end of the 11th century.From the renovated refectory to the rebuilt cloisters, and from the chapter house to the dormitory, as part of a moving museum exhibit that vibrantly evokes the nuns' lives, the abbey's history and its architecture.


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Founded: 11th century
Category: Religious sites in France
Historical period: Birth of Capetian dynasty (France)

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User Reviews

Sandrine LEBAILLIF (8 months ago)
A magnificent place of worship imbued with magic, gentleness and beauty...exceptional... For young and old, especially when playmobils invite themselves ???
Martijn Erkens (9 months ago)
The church is nice to visit, however we expected more from the abbey itself. For sure we felt the tranquility and wandered around the exposition, but overall a short visit for us.
Sce Patrimoine (12 months ago)
A very beautiful place to discover. I really liked the modernity of the visit with the audioguide, videos and models and the heritage side with the buildings of the Middle Ages. My son loved being able to dress up for the visit. Very nice idea for children!
Noham (14 months ago)
I had to put a review on this place. I put 4 stars because it is a place that is pleasant, relaxing, and quiet. I feel good there. In addition, the regular exhibitions are relevant, even if sometimes I pay little attention to them. However the place is beautiful, well maintained, very clean. It is not very busy, which adds charm to the place. I strongly advise.
Regis Le Bivic (2 years ago)
Beautiful abbey, very high ceiling.
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