Hohenbaden Castle Ruins

Baden-Baden, Germany

Hohenbaden Castle, built in 1102, and known locally as the Altes Schloss (Old Castle) was home from the 11th-15th century to the margraves of Baden. During its heyday in the 15th century, the castle had 100 rooms. In 1479 margraves moved their seat to Baden and the old castle started to decay. In 1599 it was destroyed by fire.

From the tower you have a good view over Baden-Baden and distant view of the Rhine valley. The courtyard of the ruins is also worth of seeing.



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Founded: 1102
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Germany
Historical period: Salian Dynasty (Germany)


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Xelcius (12 months ago)
i always love to visit castles. but this one was not so complete as some of the area was blocked. i did hike around the path way. the place was amazing. especially during sunset time. i did climb to some higher area near the rock mountain where people were doing rock climbing there. aside, the restaurant was closed.
Серёжа Белочук (16 months ago)
Great! Impressive! You need a car to get there, but walking on foot makes this visit to the castle even more impressive from the landscapes you see and the magnificence of the views of the city. The castle is great and great views of the city. For young people, a walk will be an additional entertainment. I recommend!
Lars (18 months ago)
A great stop along the first stage of the Black Forest's famous Panorama trail. This well-preserved ruin can be explorered free of charge (all the way to the top floor!) during the opening hours and gives you a wonderful view of Baden-Baden and the surrounding hills. Please note that it's also a popular venue for weddings, so respect the festivities when passing through.
Jorge Miyahira (20 months ago)
Amazing visit when in Baden-Baden... Entrance is free, but there is a kiosk for small bites and beers. One of the best castles to visit because you can walk everywhere around the ruins and going to the top gives an impressive view from the surroundings
Emma Conover (23 months ago)
Our family had a blast exploring and could have stayed here all day. This is our favorite castle hike. We parked at the base of the castle and still got a great hike in because of all of the trails, stairs, & mossy boulders to climb on. My tween boys loved adventuring through the tree lined trails and boulders. The views were stunning and the Hohenbaden castle was impressive & beautiful. Highly recommend for all ages.
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