Hohenbaden Castle Ruins

Baden-Baden, Germany

Hohenbaden Castle, built in 1102, and known locally as the Altes Schloss (Old Castle) was home from the 11th-15th century to the margraves of Baden. During its heyday in the 15th century, the castle had 100 rooms. In 1479 margraves moved their seat to Baden and the old castle started to decay. In 1599 it was destroyed by fire.

From the tower you have a good view over Baden-Baden and distant view of the Rhine valley. The courtyard of the ruins is also worth of seeing.



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Founded: 1102
Category: Ruins in Germany
Historical period: Salian Dynasty (Germany)


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Christian Bangerter (2 months ago)
We were a bit unlucky when we visited this nice ruins last weekend. Because most of the area is locked up for renovation! But anyway, the area arround the ruins are amazing and are absolutely worth a little walk arround the hill.
Andra Vasiliu (2 months ago)
A very nice hike to get there, and the ruins give a lovely view over the valey. Perfect in summer or at any rate on a clear sunny day.
Daniel Trueblood (3 months ago)
Amazing castle ruins, very easy little hike from the parking lot to the structure. Recommended for all ages
Denis Cubrakovic (5 months ago)
Very nice castle, pretty good preserved. You can drive to the castle. Castle itself is high and you can enjoy spectacular view. Trekking path starting from castle is also worth a trip. You can choose shorter one and spend about 1 hour, or longer one, about 2 or more hours. Trekking path goes on the ridge with many nice viewpoints.
Christine Peine (6 months ago)
Beautiful old castle. It is possible to walk through the old castle grounds, go inside and even go up into the towers. The view over Baden-Baden and the surroundings is incredible especially at sunset. Last time I have been (beginning of October) constructions were going on and it wasn't possible to go up the tower.
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