Saint James' Church

Brno, Czech Republic

Saint James' church was founded for German inhabitants who lived in this part of Brno in the 13th century. There is visible the painted heraldry of mother superior from Oslavany Cistercian monastery with the date 1220 on the vault of the presbytery. This date recalls the consecration of the smaller Romanesque church that once stood here before this late Gothic St. James's church and it used to serve Flemish and German colonists.

In 1368–1405, some chapels were built around the church and these chapels created a unique urbanistic complex. The oldest one was Saint Morris's chapel from the year 1352. Late Gothic construction of the parish church started with building up the choir in 1446. In 1515 the finished presbytery was affected by the fire that caused the roof to fall in and it subsequently destroyed all altars. The new main altar was consecrated in 1516. The building of the churchtower started in the 1520s.

The Baroque interior style was done in 1750-1766. During this rebuilding the older wooden altars were removed and replaced by new marble ones which are still there. In 1871 – 1879 the church was radically reconstructed into the Gothic Revival style led by Heinrich Ferstel.

In 2001, archeological exploration revealed the size of Brno Ossuary, an ossuary underneath the square by the church, which is estimated to contain the remains of 50,000 people.



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Founded: 14th century
Category: Religious sites in Czech Republic


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User Reviews

Dr. Hani Hossni (2 months ago)
It is a beautiful Catholic church, very much High Gothic, it is located on the end of the Freedom Square, and it was used collect Old bones of Plague, cholera and war victims to store it, during my research about it I found 3 different name for it, 1- Church of St. Jakub. 2- The Church of St. James. 3- Church of Santiago. Unfortunately it was closed, so I have no more information about
M'hd Nasser (21 months ago)
Beautiful and historical church, but now they are doing renovation for the outer shell.
Nin Vana (2 years ago)
Church of Sto bene.James. Ilone of the best & must see in Brno. With the notable height & simplicity of roof in paradox with the sculptures & paintings on the ground & walls wich makes it more attractive. I arrived so early bc I had a bus to go to Prague, but I wanted to see this church. There were three other ladies wanted to get inside, they called the guard so he’d open the door of church. Such a warm welcome ☺️???
Svetla Hristova (2 years ago)
A beautiful church with interesting history - listen to the guide in the church - he has a lot of stories and legend to tell you. Take the tour up the tower and you will see the unique two- ways staircase to the top.
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