Podcetrtek Castle

Podčetrtek, Slovenia

Podčetrtek belongs among the oldest castles in Slovenia. It was once located at an old national border, at Sotla river facing Croatia or Hungary. Podčetrtek is located in the area which already in 1071 became a property of Krško diocese. The construction of the castle can be dated to a time after the first third of the 12th century. First written record dates from 1361.

On 12th of November 1441 bishop of Krško Johan temporarily gave his castles Pilštanj, Podčetrtek, Bizeljsko and Mokronog to emperor Friderik IV who kept them until 1445, Afterwards the castle was governed by managers and between 1479 and 1490 it was in the hands of Hungarian army. In 1515 the castle succumbed to peasant revolt.

In 1527 the castle possession was moved to Hans Tattenbach and his successors leased and rented the castle and in 1612 Krško diocese imparted them the castle as heritable or private possession. At the execution of Erazem Tattenbach in 1628 the castle was confiscated by the province from which Ignac Attems. The castle was completely renovated in 1874 and remained a property of Attems' until the World War II.

After the war when the castle became a general public property it served various purposes and gradually it was soon completely robbed. Only a few artworks were rescued and are stored by Posavski muzej in Brežice. Nowadays it is abandoned.



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Podčetrtek, Slovenia
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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Slovenia


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User Reviews

Mitja Mavsar (16 months ago)
On a hot summer day, a nice 20-minute stroll through a cold jungle-like forest was well worth it. On top of the hill there’s a majestic super old castle… one of the oldest in Slovenia (first mentionend in 1261!) Unfortunately they are currently closed for renovation… but still a beautiful historic site worth visiting.
Milan Jereb (2 years ago)
Beautiful small town with medieval history, culinary destination, there is also golf playground. Good place for hiking, they have view towers on each hill. Hills height is about 500m. Godd place for road cycling too. There are a few towns with castles nearby.
Matej Godina (3 years ago)
Rudi Zupan (3 years ago)
From an architectural point of view it's an interesting example. But unfortunately it is falling apart and not open to visitors. The entrance has a new gate and is locked since safety can't be assured inside.
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