Lotrscak Tower

Zagreb, Croatia

The Lotrščak Tower is located in an old part of town called Gradec of Zagreb. The tower, which dates to the 13th century, was built to guard the southern gate of the Gradec town wall. The name is derived from Latin campana latrunculorum, meaning 'thieves' bell', referring to a bell hung in the tower in 1646 to signal the closing of the town gates.

The Grič cannon is one of the Zagreb landmarks. In the 19th century, a fourth floor and windows were added to the tower and a cannon was placed on the top. Since 1 January 1877, the cannon is fired from the tower on Grič to mark midday. The cannon was to give the sign for exact noon for the bell-ringers of the city's churches.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Croatia

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Hasitha Subasinghe (8 months ago)
Such an amazing experience. I got to be with the gunner and shoot. Amazing. I'll never forget this experience. So grateful and honoured. Simply awesome.
Guillermo Flores (10 months ago)
A great place to watch history repeat it self every day at 12pm. This tower has been firing a shot from the historic Grič cannon in Zagreb at noon for around 137 years. The tower is right next to the ventricular cars, so you can take a ride up and avoid steps if you like.
Luca Paiusco (11 months ago)
Nice tower where you can get a beautiful view of all the city built around this hill. There are different ways to get here, a part the stairs from different sides of the hill, you can also catch the funicolar that for 65 cents per person will let you reach it easily without troubles. For this last option, babies and children are free.
Jarrod Hunt (12 months ago)
Worth the price of admission for the climb up the internal and external stairs. The view from the top is nice, even if Zagreb isn't that interesting a city from above
Ian Tilley (15 months ago)
The views from the top are fantastic. Quite a few steps to the top but if you can manage them it is well worth the climb. 360 degree view of the city and some of its most famous landmarks. Unfortunately those with some mobility issues won't be able to reach the top.
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