Piran Town Walls

Piran, Slovenia

Significant parts of the city walls of Piran remain well-preserved. Piran's three walls were built in response to the city's expansion. The first wall was built in the 7th century, separating the town into four streets. The first wall can be seen in the old part of the town. The wall was moved south-west when new streets were built. The fortification wall, which was built along the southern coast of the town, hasn't changed much since it was first built.

In the final phases of expansion between 1470 and 1538, the second fortification wall was built to protect the peninsula during construction. It protected the Marčana quarter. The biggest part was built when the use of gunpowder became frequent.

The third wall is almost completely intact. Its northern part is accessible while the southern wall's floors and stairs are missing or are under reconstruction. Between them a gap opened where the wall collapsed. A small portion of the third wall is next to the rectory, facing north. A tower viewer is located in one of the towers.Seven city entrances or gates remain preserved.



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Founded: 1470-1538
Category: Castles and fortifications in Slovenia


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User Reviews

Jörg Waldner (15 months ago)
Nice view of Piran and the bay. It’s good to walk and a quite brief moment. 3€ entrance fee (adults on 21.09.2022)
Zoe Su (17 months ago)
The great view is always from the top of the mountain, it works here as well. Only a few steps you are worth the tickets.
ws Law (17 months ago)
Amazing views of Piran at the top. I think this is probably the place to get the best views of Piran's plaza as well as the church in the distance. There's a bit of a hike to the walls as they are on a hilltop. Once you pay to enter the walls, the steps leading up to the highest walls are the most steep (sometimes made of uneven rocks), so I wouldn't recommend anyone who have difficulties with steep stairs to head up to the highest walls (the walls at the lower parts should be fine and you can still get a relatively good view). Wear sturdy sports shoes to make your climb easier. Totally worth it with the cheap entrance fees! Note that the walls are closed when there's rain for safety reasons.
Žiga Podpečan (18 months ago)
Amazing views to city of Piran and 360° view's from the tallest tower to Slovenian Alps Italy Croatia
Anuprriya Gogna (22 months ago)
Good place for beautiful views of Piran. A little steep walk up to the walls and narrow steep staircase up to towers. But nothing that a relatively fit person cannot do.
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