Schlierbach Abbey

Schlierbach, Austria

Schlierbach Abbey is a Cistercian monastery founded in 1355, and rebuilt in the last quarter of the 17th century. The original foundation was a convent for nuns, abandoned around 1556 during the Protestant Reformation. The abbey was reoccupied as a monastery in 1620, and rebuilt in magnificent baroque style between 1672 and 1712. The monastery again went into decline with the upheavals before, during and after the Napoleonic era. It recovered only towards the end of the 19th century.

In the 20th century the abbey established a viable economy based on a glass works, school, cheese manufacturing and other enterprises. The abbey is open to visitors, who may take tours, attend workshops and dine at the monastery restaurant.



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Founded: 1355
Category: Religious sites in Austria

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Stefan Wissel (11 months ago)
Sehr guter Käse. Info zu Verkostung fehlt leider. Showroom sehr schön..Führung gut. Etwas zu lange.
Klaus Apsel (11 months ago)
Käserei und Glasmalerei ist schon interessant. Nur Schade das die Kirche bis Ende 2022 renoviert wird.
julia perik (2 years ago)
Very good cheese - simply delicious!
Niko Loeffelmann (2 years ago)
Unfortunately that was very weak. The cloister and church were closed this week due to renovation. In the "show dairy" there was nothing to see apart from a few video clips (on small monitors, without enough seats), as the glass panes behind which you stand as a visitor are partly completely steamed up, partly recently boarded up. In the glass factory we just stood around in the anteroom and didn't even get to see a video. The guide talked a lot, but said very little. The ballroom and library are nice, but having to stand around in corridors for an hour as part of the tour was tiring overall.
Herbert Wesely (2 years ago)
I expected more from this imposing pen. Leadership unfortunately weak. We almost felt like we were at a promotional event. Focus on church was completely neglected. It's a shame - hardly any flowers, I think the pen doesn't have a gardener ?
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