Wik Castle

Uppsala, Sweden

Wik Castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Sweden. The first owner was Israel And in the end of 13th century. The current magnificent castle with seven floors was built in the late 15th century. The massive walls and moats made the stronghold impregnable. During the Middle Ages, the castle was one of the sturdiest strongholds in the Mälaren Valley, and Gustav Wasa once besieged Wik Castle for over a year without ever managing to get inside the walls. It was modified to the present French-style appearance in the 17th century.

Wik Castle has been owned by several noble families like Sparre, Bielke, Horn von Liewe, de Geer and von Essen. Today it is owned by the county council of Uppsala and used primarily for the council's own conference activities. It is at present closed to the public.

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Viks mur 27, Uppsala, Sweden
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Founded: ca. 1450
Category: Castles and fortifications in Sweden
Historical period: Kalmar Union (Sweden)


4.2/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Christian (Inferna) (2 years ago)
Nice place for a walk or ice cream (in the summer).
Petter Senften (2 years ago)
Beautiful surroundings. Lovely old castle. Excellent for a stroll, bathing in the waters or relaxing on the lawn with a picnic. Inside the castle is some kind of conference business. There's a café and other things. Expect to spend a day here or overnight at the bnb.
Tomasz Wysocki (3 years ago)
We stayed at the hotel during two nights. The castle is beautiful and the surroundings very pleasant, we could also enjoy a swim in the lake. However the hotel was a bit disappointing on a number of points. The rooms are not in the hotel, but in much newer surrounding buildings. This could be found on their website, so that is fine, however still misleading to call it Wik Castle hotel. The rooms have some nice furniture but still there is some cheaper pieces and the finishing unfortunately a bit cheap. Paper cups instead of glasses in the room. A coffee machine that is 20+ years overdue and spits out industrial coffee is not something you meet anymore in Sweden, not in the class of hotels where Wik places itself. Food at buffet dinner and breakfast is mostly good, some dishes are even very good but some are much too complex, trying to be much but not getting halfway. Probably the dishes could be fewer but executed in a better way. At breakfast, there too many occasions where food was missing and not refilled for too long. Trained staff with good procedures should be able to see what will be needed in advance and make sure it is already being prepared. The staff is extremely nice and attentive, just not sure if trained enough. My wild guess is that the concept is kind of there, but the management of it lacks quite a bit and hence execution is failing on too many points. The grand finale was pointing out to the staff that the beer is 3 months overdue (noting it after having finished it), and getting the reply “yes we know about it” as if it was a normal thing. No, it is not poisonous and tasted well, but still not the right way to go about by the staff. We will not be coming back, and do not recommend staying here. The sauna was good though, with a great view of the castle.
Simon Larneryd (3 years ago)
Beautiful castle and scenery, several places with jettys which include easy access for disabled people. Great to go for a swim or a refreshing walk.
Tesfom M A (3 years ago)
A very nice and natural place to get a calm walk around. It has a walking lane and nice forest with many different trees and birds around. It is located near a water area where one can swim. Has a nice grassy area for barbeque and eating together. Has some kiosks if one want to buy icecream or coffee and the like. I have been there many many times and every time I go there I love it and want to go there again and again.
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