Bodenheim Castle

Weilerswist, Germany

The castle at Bodenheim is the only preserved family seat of the former Brabant landowners of Lommersum, which was still a fiefdom in the late 18th century. On the estate there is clear evidence of the original medieval two-part castle with a moat. The picturesque manor house, with its many corners and angles, stands on an artificial mound and the moat has been dry for decades.

The oldest preserved part is the west wing, with its corner tower and stair-tower in the courtyard. The castle was first mentioned in records in 1194 when the first aristocratic lineage was named. The heirs of this lineage were at first the Brents von Vernich and finally von Tomberg, who also built the largest part of the castle as it is known today. 1625 the estate was transferred by marriage to the family von Hersel, who lived in the castle for almost 200 years. In 1845 Earl Edmund von Hatzfeld-Weisweiler sold the castle to the Duke of Aremberg, who leased it to the Kieselstein family. In 1934 the family acquired the castle and still live in it today.



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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)


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Patrick Lange (2 years ago)
Competent doctors and nurses. I found them all very friendly. Very nice facility. Our mare had to stand there for 11 days. The hall was not available due to renovation work. The clinic can be reached easily and without any problems via the A61.
Marion Merten (2 years ago)
Meiner Stute wurde der rechte Eierstock entfernt. Top Versorgung des Pferdes. Sehr nettes, hilfsbereites Team. Sehr gute Kommunikation zwischen Klinik und Pferdebesitzer. Top gepflegte Anlage. Hier fühlt man sich mit seinem Pferd gut aufgehoben. Dankeschön
Heinz Werz (3 years ago)
Extremely competent and very friendly staff. All-round advice on the possibilities in order to always achieve the best possible result without imposing anything. Best !!!
Sarah Ehling (3 years ago)
Great clinic. I feel in good hands there. The whole team is very competent and nice.
Martin Schu (3 years ago)
Best horse clinic in Germany.
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