Lund University Main Building

Lund, Sweden

The city of Lund has a long history as a center for learning and was the ecclesiastical centre and seat of the archbishop of Denmark. A cathedral school for the training of clergy was established in 1085 and is today Scandinavia's oldest school. A studium generale (a medieval university education) was founded in 1425, although it was not until 1438 that education was started by the Franciscan order for a baccalaureus degree.

The curent main building of the Lund University was designed by architect Helgo Zettervall and inaugurated by King Oscar II in 1882. Construction began in 1874, when the old main building Kungshuset had become too small for the growing number of students.

The design is characterised by Helgo Zettervall's fascination with classical antiquity, and features columns and fancy copings. There were originally four sphinxes on the roof, but they had to be removed after some 30 years because of bad quality. In the 1990s four new sphinxes were located on the roof. Like many of Zettervall's buildings, it was criticized for a lack of uniformity and not being well thought out.



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Paradisgatan, Lund, Sweden
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Олена Атласюк (8 months ago)
This is the place where worked famous mathematicians!
Himesh Singh (8 months ago)
NCERT level knowledge is profound in the PhD holders , which can be easily found in Ganga Barrage traffic.
Shai Nissan (10 months ago)
Beautiful place, close to the city center. Worth a visit if you're in town.
Atul Kushwaha (10 months ago)
I'm from India. I knew about this university by scrolling Instagram reel And 5/5 star ? for the name only if you know the meaning, you know ?
Emmanuel Houston Kwashie (2 years ago)
Lund University in Sweden had been one of my favorite universities on my list for a long time, especially because it is one of the top ranked universities in the world, but I ended up at another university in Germany. I paid a visit to a friend who is studying at Lund University. When the time arrived for me to travel to Sweden from Germany to visit this friend, I was overjoyed. He showed me about the university community, including the university itself, and showed me several interesting places. Unfortunately, I visited during the winter season, so the flowers and trees had shed their leaves, so the added beauty of summer was missing, but the essential thing was that I saw the university. Great ? and lovely ? university!
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