Gate of Dawn

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Gate of Dawn, a city-gate, was built between 1503 and 1522 as a part of defensive fortifications for the city of Vilnius. It has also been known as the Medininkai Gate, as it led to the village Medininkai south of Vilnius as well as Aštra broma, which derivative for the Lithuanian language word aštra meaning sharp. Of the nine city gates, only the Gate of Dawn remains, while the others were destroyed by the order of the government at the end of the 18th century.

In the 16th century city gates often contained religious artifacts intended to guard the city from attacks and to bless travelers. The Chapel in the Gate of Dawn contains an icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy, said to have miraculous powers. For centuries the picture has been one of the symbols of the city and an object of veneration for both Roman Catholic and Orthodox inhabitants. Thousands of votive offerings adorn the walls and many pilgrims from neighboring countries come to pray in front of the beloved painting. Masses are held in Lithuanian and Polish languages.



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Founded: 1503-1522
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Lithuania


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User Reviews

Przemysław Ból (2 years ago)
Historical place there is no need to describe it. Every person should see it while coming to Vilnius city.
Angela Mazzeo (2 years ago)
This was my first time at this Shrine. It is a very prayerful place, especially in the chapel if Our Lady. I like that she can see the holy image of Mary even from the street below.
Renata Rudinskaja (2 years ago)
Church is ever Who shift was last night to close church gates at the back(particular man) was not nice to all my family I took my kids and husband to show this beautiful church and I'm ashamed of church workers behaviour as hi was keep calling my husband "Ur buddy" even when I said it's my husband and my kids, and we all Catholics his said I'm not sure u can take Ur buddy and if his Catholic and Ur kids too u can have a very quick look, and his added if u would be a Catholic Ur friend should take off his hat,we were in a hallway not in the church yet,it's 30+C outside we hat hads on, I would never argue in the church is not what Catholism about,while we walk forward man was getting angrier and mumbling that i don't see u as a Catholic. Giving second look to my 10months old and my 7year daughter and said are you sure you Catholics... And you all christened too ?for sure is it?I said yes it's my family Alright so then take your pal then so I've said this is my husband. Ye ofcourse his said I never meet much people in the church like this. What ever workers you will meet up just remember God loves all there is just people who will try their best to put you down. My family will always believe in God and people like this won't put me off or open hate in me. I just thought if you ever treated with anger or someone will be conserned about your believes just ignore them you always welcome there, would you be christening or about to do christing for yourself and accept it. I wish to this man more compation and more prayers for appropriate behaviour to strangers and other families. we wanted to come in put a candle in for lowed ones and give donations but when you treated like this in the church u feel discomfort and just want to leave it or questions yorself or there is a right people serving God words.
Rodgers Frank (2 years ago)
Very beautiful place of devotion with a sacred photo of the Holy Mother and Child on the external wall
Espen Saele (2 years ago)
Enter det Church by the anonymous door. Go up the stairs to see Maria. Be very respectfull.
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