Tampere Art Museum

Tampere, Finland

The Tampere Art Museum was established in 1931. It was founded by the Tampere Art Society which had already been collecting art and arranging art exhibitions in Tampere since the beginning of the last century.

The museum is renowned for its active exhibition policy, especially exhibitions presenting ancient cultures, wide-ranging publication activities, the Young Artist of the Year event and Moominvalley, which can be found in the city main library "Metso". The Tampere Art Museum presents important themes from art history and phenomena of contemporary art in both its Finnish and international exhibitions. The museum's collections consist mainly of domestic art from the early 19th century onwards.

Since its establishment the museum has been situated in a granary designed by C.L. Engel and completed in 1838 in the area of Amuri.

Reference: The City of Tampere


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Founded: 1838 (Art Museum 1931)
Category: Museums in Finland
Historical period: Russian Grand Duchy (Finland)


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User Reviews

Bente BE (9 months ago)
A special place in the depth of "the caves" you find the history of the Moomins mother - the drawings,the stories of the Moomins and the experience the Moomins have. If you can't find the entrence,go to the cafeteria that resides in the building. Outside a wonderful area with a little lake - beautiful even in wintertime. Would have loved if there was a bigger shop and place for kids to play with Moomins.
Riccardo Scalas (10 months ago)
This is too cool to be true! Very nice museum, easy two hour stay!
Angie Nicole Hernández (12 months ago)
I didn't really know about Moomin before coming to Finland and this museum was still an awesome experience. I recommend grabbing a book guide so that you can follow the timeline of the books, especially on the underground floor, where things can get confusing. The museum has lights and soundtracks that play when you walk through and it's just a magical experience. I absolutely loved the workshop at the end, it is the perfect final touch to the lovely journey through the history of Moomin.
Mark Beatson (13 months ago)
Lovely museum. Visually appealing to fans of the Moomins and illustrated books/stories. Thoroughly enjoyed the arts and craftwork at the end of the museum. We made these ourselves!
johanna brei (14 months ago)
It was pretty unique to see all the figures and scenes from the books come to life in such an interesting style, and getting to hear Tove describe scenes, as well as seeing original sketches of characters. Shame there was no photography allowed. The shop had a pretty good selection too.
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