Rheinisches Landesmuseum

Trier, Germany

The Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier is one of the most important archaeological museums in Trier. Its collection stretches from prehistory through the Roman period, the Middle Ages to the Baroque. But especially the Roman past of Germany's oldest living city (Augusta Treverorum) is represented in the State Museum Trier based on archaeological finds. The museum was founded in 1877.



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Weimarer Allee 1, Trier, Germany
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Founded: 1877
Category: Museums in Germany
Historical period: German Empire (Germany)


4.3/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Andrea Washburn (12 months ago)
This museum goes from prehistory of the Trier area all the way to "recent" history. It was amazing to see Celtic artifacts, Roman artifacts and stone tools all in the same place and from the same area. I loved this museum and Trier in general. Definitely visit the area if you enjoy history!
Christopher Hardman (2 years ago)
80% of it was in Deutsch only, understandable for being in Deutschland but would be nice if they added English in a museum so you actually know what you're looking at. Kind of kills the whole museum experience when you can't see the story behind things in the museum, so for me I felt like it was a waste of €8, if you speak Deutsch it would be fine but of you aren't very good with German or don't speak it at all, either go with someone who can explain things or pass over this one.
Moira Sibanda (2 years ago)
It's educational. Almost everything you need to know about Trier and it's buildings is there.
Frank Wils (2 years ago)
Very interesting museum about the roman and medieval history of Trier. Beatiful mosaics and other artifacts. Worth a visit!
YS Lu (2 years ago)
Attention, no English description through the whole museum. One of the best museums I've been. I did not see exhibition belonged to other countries, and the route is designed well. Good for knowing things about German in Rom time.
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