Porta Praetoria, a gateway to the city of Regensburg, dates from 179 AD. Among Porta Nigra in Trier, it is the only remaining Roman gate north of the Alps. Giant blocks of stone were used to construct this gate in the northern wall of the Roman military camp. It survives as a reminder of Castra Regina, the Roman settlement.


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Founded: 179 AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Germanic Tribes (Germany)

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David Dancey (4 months ago)
The remains of an old Roman gateway. Once part of the northern gateway of the legionary fortress of Castra Regina, this ancient gate still survives as part of the houses adjoining the cathedral square.
All Plan Projekt s.r.o. (17 months ago)
It is over recontruction still... But you can see some stones... It is over 2000 years old... It is fantastic that it is still here... Old Roman architecture
M.S. T (22 months ago)
A bit old but ok
Eero H (2 years ago)
A roman military camp portal towards Danube river side. Impressive, rare construction
winston s (2 years ago)
A 2 minute stop for photos. A sign next to the old stone work with English commentary.
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