Old Stone Bridge

Regensburg, Germany

Steinerne Brücke in Regensburg is a 12th-century bridge across the Danube linking the Old Town with Stadtamhof. For more than 800 years, until the 1930s, it was the city's only bridge across the river. It is a masterwork of medieval construction and an emblem of the city.

Charlemagne had a wooden bridge built at Regensburg, approximately 100 metres east of the present bridge, but it was inadequate for the traffic and vulnerable to floods, so it was decided to replace it with a stone bridge. The Stone Bridge was built in only eleven years, probably in 1135–46. Louis VII of France and his army used it to cross the Danube on their way to the Second Crusade. It served as a model for other stone bridges built in Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. For centuries it was the only bridge over the river between Ulm and Vienna, making Regensburg into a major centre of trade and government.

The Stone Bridge is an arch bridge with 16 arches. At the south end, the first arch and first pier were incorporated into the Regensburg Salt Store when it was built in 1616–20, but remain in place under the approach road to the bridge. An archaeological investigation was performed in 2009, and revealed fire damage during the Middle Ages.



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Founded: 1135-1146
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

Francesco Del Polito (4 months ago)
Very nice old bridge. Renewed approximately 10 years ago. Full of tourist with wonderful views to the river Danube, city of Regensburg and Stadtamhof.
Vernon Wentzel (5 months ago)
….:It’s so nostalgic to be walking around a town on the Danube River that dates back to the medieval days of the 1200’s almost 800 years later and it is so well preserved and maintained. Very impressive is the beautiful “Clock-Towers” all around the town it is said that there are nine of them in total around the town of Regensburg. The Old Gate entrance to the town from the Danube River is so awesome ? and well preserved. The cobble stone roads are still walkable no loose stones to trip over this tells you that those responsible are rep-lii doing an excellent job preserving what is to be encountered here in Regensburg for generations to come and see…NB! Something worthwhile to mention is the fact that the town’s leaders remember the citizens (Jews) that went missing during WW11 because around the town where these persons lived there is a high-lii polished “Brass-Plate” with their names on…May their souls R.I.P…?
Nomad (5 months ago)
The Old Stone Bridge in Regensburg is a picturesque masterpiece that gracefully spans the Danube. Its medieval charm, with characteristic arches and sturdy stone construction, adds character to the cityscape. Walking across this historic bridge offers captivating views of Regensburg's skyline and the flowing river below. The bridge is not just a crossing point; it's a symbol of the city's enduring legacy. A delightful blend of history and scenic beauty.
Patrick Kattan (7 months ago)
Definitely one of the best sites in Regensburg and a must see ... Though the first time would always be the best, I enjoy my visit to this bridge, each time I go there ... At your first time, and if you are not very used to the type of architecture available in the old towns of Germany, you will have a triple short of blast: 1- Enjoying the architecture of the old town in general and the surrounding of the bridge. 2- Enjoy seeing the Danube River, especially at night! The sound of the river's flow will provide you with an unbelievable! 3- Enjoy the bridge itself, its lights, its architecture, and the enthusiasm and live of the people that you see there.
Ngoc Son Nguyen (7 months ago)
One of the most beautiful place in the city where all tourists should pay their time for. The design is not really special but in combination with the surrounding streets, the cruise ships and all green parks, this bridge is without a doubt worth your trip to Regensburg.
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