Revelin Fort

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Revelin Fort was built outside the city walls and is partially included into the defence complex of the Ploče Gate. The lower part of the fort was built in 1463, in the shape the City model held by St. Blaise on the triptych painted by Nikola Božidarević around 1500. The fort protected both the eastern part of the City from mainland and the entrance to the City Harbour.

In 1538 the fort was strengthened and enlarged in the form of an irregular square according to the instructions of Italian engineer Antonio Ferramolino of Bergamo. Revelin has three entrances, and was encompassed by the moat and sea on three sides. The well-known Renaissance craftsman Ivan Rabljanin kept the foundries for casting cannons and bells in the large Fort interior.

Today, the spacious fort terraces serve as venues for various performances of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.



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Founded: 1463
Category: Castles and fortifications in Croatia


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User Reviews

Sam D-B (10 months ago)
Extremely expensive! If you are going to go get very drunk first as the drinks will bankrupt you! The music wasn't great they managed to ruin thriller on Halloween. Overall not a good club nice setting but that's it.
hollo (12 months ago)
The famous fortress. Great views of the port and the old town. Also there is a nice restaurant right trough the gate and on the left. There are couple of restaurants opposite of the fortress where you can enjoy lunch or dinner and the view of the fortress.
marko stojcic (12 months ago)
One the most impressive club that I ever been...and I been a lot....fabulous ambience of 500 years old fort ...the walls are 2m thick so you can't hear the music out...and the terrace that overlooks the whole old city of dubrovnik....amazing place...extremely expensive dough
Bryan P (13 months ago)
Went to check out the fortress nightclub, pretty cool concept, had that John Wick vibe where they had the gun fight with Common...anyway... Cover was 100kn online, so we decided to pay at the door, turned out to be 150kn at the door. DJ Speed was spinning tonight, I'm not here to give a review on him so I won't comment on his performance. Drinks were 100kn each and if you pay by card the bartender will automatically add a 5kn tip for himself, or at least he did for us. I went broke before getting buzzed. They had confetti shots and gogo dancers which added to the ambiance, but unfortunately sound tuning was not good. Lacked bass and higher frequency levels were too high. The room isn't shaped well nor made of the right material for good sound. I still enjoyed the unique experience of partying in the fortress, but I would only do it once as a novelty.
Erick Alejandro Campos Peña (14 months ago)
Entering the old town like this for the first time was amazing, I felt like If I were in a story or had traveled back in time. Truly a experience
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