Skanderbeg Square

Tirana, Albania

The Skanderbeg Square is the main plaza in the centre of Tirana. The square is named after the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu. The Skanderbeg Monument dominates the square.

In 1917, the Austrians built a public square, where the Skanderbeg Square is located nowadays. After Tirana became the capital in 1920, and the population increased, several city plans were planned.

During the time of the Albanian monarchy from 1928 to 1939, the square was composed of a number of buildings that would eventually be detonated during the communist period. The square was composed of a roundabout with a fountain in the center. The Old Bazaar used to be established on the grounds of modern-day Palace of Culture, the Orthodox Cathedral (present-day Tirana International Hotel), while the former City Hall building, on the grounds of where the National Historical Museum is located nowadays. A statue of Joseph Stalin was erected, where today the Skanderbeg Monument is located. Besides the construction of the above new elements during communism, the statue of Albania's leader Enver Hoxha was erected at the space between the National Historical Museum and the National Bank.

Following the fall of communism in 1991, the statue would be removed amid student-led demonstrations. Since June 2017, the square has been renovated and is now part of the biggest pedestrian zone in the Balkans.



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User Reviews

Stefan Poropat (17 months ago)
Expansive square. Not flat but convex makes for an interesting feel. Limited shade so can be very hot. However you will find some 'shady' characters around.....
Pol Ohcamac (17 months ago)
Love this square. Been there 17 years ago and surely it has change a lot, no more crazy car traffic all around the square anymore. Love Tirana!
Eduart Mustafa (17 months ago)
Very happy to see that there's no more cars in there. Very hot during the day and definitely the grass and bushes around it need work done. Other than that is great for the people to enjoy concerts and other activities.
I S (18 months ago)
Nice square, spacious. Concerts over there but still respecting the night regime after midnight. I would just appreciate some greens/grass. In hot Tirana green places are missing.
Jeremy Martin (2 years ago)
Well it is the centre and most of the museums etc are around as are bars, restaurants within walking distance. I found Google maps difficult to orientate with the map of the square. Advice ditch Google maps and use a real one. The square itself looks a bit overgrown and shabby, but perhaps that's its charm. You can't really visit Tirana without waking around the square. It's fine so don't miss it out, take your time both in the day and evening.
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