Santa María de Baiona Church

Baiona, Spain

The fortified-looking church of Santa María of Baiona, with a Ogival Romanesque style, was built in the 13th century and had the category of collegiate church from 1482 to 1850.

It is divide up in three naves with their respective rectangular apses. The main nave resembles the Cistercian style of Santa María de Oia monastery. Two buttresses flanked the front door in the main façade: three pairs of columns, flat tympanum and archivolts. Windows are Romanesque; there is a marvellous Romanesque rose window up in the main façade. In 1841 several crosses of different styles formerly placed around the village were moved to the portico.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Religious sites in Spain

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José L Basterra (4 months ago)
For the residents of Baiona, the Collegiate Church is cataloged as the main temple of the town, it really stands out from the other temples, despite being the most recent church. Made as it is naturally in granite stone, an abundant material in much of Galicia. At the top of the old town and very close to the old church, on a wide esplanade, it concentrates the most important events of the parishioners and inhabitants.
Padre Pejota (9 months ago)
Beautiful place. Wonderful priest. Lovely people helping in the parish, decorating, collaborating. A place to meet God that makes it easier to love the Church and live the Gospel of Jesus. I will be back
Susana Cedeira (11 months ago)
Super well maintained
Cristina Carrasco (11 months ago)
A jewel!!! The Collegiate Church is part of my family's history. U a historical jewel and of great sentimental value for us.
Abílio-Fernando Vilaça (Avnetav) (13 months ago)
Igreja imponente, com uma rosácia única na entrada. O clero presente na representação do Pároco é muito amável, simpático e recebe os peregrinos de uma forma simples e muito Cristã. Igreja muito bonita e vale a pena visitar.
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