Schöneck Castle

Boppard, Germany

Schöneck Castle stands on a rock outcrop in the Ehrbach Gorge in the borough of Boppard in the Hunsrück mountains of Germany.

Schöneck was built around 1200 by imperial ministerialis, Conrad of Boppard, as an imperial castle. His descendants called themselves the lords of Schöneck and lived at the castle until they died out in 1508. The family had several lines, who lived jointly at the castle (making it a so-called Ganerbenburg). It was from Schöneck that the district known as the Gallscheider Gericht was administered.

In the Eltz Feud of 1331–1336, the castle was part of the protection and defence league of rebel knights against the Archbishop of Trier and Elector Baldwin of Luxembourg. The castle became an enfeoffment of the Electorate of Trier in 1354.

In 1488 Schöneck was occupied by troops of the Count Palatine during the so-called Beilstein War (Beilsteiner Krieg) and, later, returned to the Electorate for a short time.

From 1508 onwards, the castle changed hands several times, but remained a Trier fief-castle. Between 1560 and 1646 Schöneck became the fief of a side line of the lords of Eltz. Between 1646 and about 1677 Schöneck belonged to the so-called Sötern fee tail, a foundation for the management of the estates of the von Sötern family. The mastermind of this arrangement was Archbishop Phillip Christopher of Sötern. After being enlarged with Baroque wings in the mid-17th century, Schöneck became known as Schloss Schöneck.

In 1912 the artist, Wilhelm Steinhausen, bought the site. Since 1922 it has been owned by a family foundation.

Schloss Schöneck now consists mainly of buildings from the 19th and 20th century. Its medieval elements include its division into an upper and lower baileys. Medieval structures include the cellars and supporting walls, towers and part of the enceinte. On the uphill side are the remains of a neck ditch.



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Boppard, Germany
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Founded: c. 1200
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)

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User Reviews

Pierre Dolchee (10 months ago)
Was there on the day of the open monument, otherwise the castle is not accessible.
magi pet (14 months ago)
We were only in the courtyard and on the wall to look. Very scenic, nice view too. Don't know if you can get in. Everything was closed.
Smiley Girl (14 months ago)
800-year-old castle built by Konrad von Boppard. In the middle of the forest, far from civilisation. Very nice view from the top of the valley.
Qchar (15 months ago)
The castle is in private hands, but you can take a walk outside and admire the views from the castle terrace The whole valley at your feet, beautiful
Ralf Müller (16 months ago)
A beautiful medieval complex on the Ehrbachklamm route. Unfortunately, you can't visit much of this facility. A foundation is housed in the buildings. You have a wonderful view and can relax extensively in this well-kept facility. There is a lot to discover. Highly recommended.
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