Tropaeum Alpium

La Turbie, France

The Tropaeum Alpium ('Victory Monument of the Alps'), was built by the Romans for the emperor Augustus to celebrate his decisive victory over the ancient tribes who populated the Alps. The monument's remains are in the commune of La Turbie, a few kilometers from the Principality of Monaco.

The Trophy was built c. 6 BC in honor of the emperor Augustus to celebrate his definitive victory over the 45 ancient tribes who populated the Alps. The Alpine populations were defeated during the military campaign to subdue the Alps conducted by the Romans between 16 and 7 BC.

The monument as partially restored by archaeologists at the beginning of the 20th century, is 35 meters high. When built, according to the architect, the base measured 35 meters in length, the first platform 12 meters in height, and the rotunda of 24 columns with its statue of an enthroned Augustus is 49 metres high.



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Founded: 6 BC
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in France
Historical period: Roman Gaul (France)


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User Reviews

Marc Ambuehl (10 months ago)
if historically interested: visit! if just want to enjoy great views to the bay and town of Monaco: visit!
Va Mo (11 months ago)
It's just wow.... The trophy of Augustus was built in honor of the Roman emperor - Augustus for the decisive battle against the last Ligurian tribe. This edifice was destroyed and part of the ruins were used for the construction of the Saint-Michel church....then this monument was very well restored and now it is a pearl of the Côte d'Azur with an extraordinary view towards Monaco, Monte Carlo , a part of the Italian coast as well as the Mediterranean Sea
Алекс Бонд (11 months ago)
Scenic pot for get a great view on Monte Carlo and Monaco
Anthony Borgniet (2 years ago)
It’s ok I guess. Be careful, they like to be closed. The whole thing is not from BC. Some of it is rebuilt. You can see on the signage. Only came because I’ve seen everything else in this boring place, French Riviera.
Tony Terzian (2 years ago)
The Trophy of Augustus is worth a visit. The old village next to the monument was fun to stroll down the streets and alleys on our way to the monument. Once at the monument, you really get a sense of how grand it was. The view from the top is beautiful. The small museum was nice to understand how the monument looked before it was destroyed. Don't forget to see the mostly in tacked seal from the back of the monument. And of course the view of Monaco from the top is the icing on the cake.
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