Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

Turku, Finland

Luostarinmäki is the only unified part of the Turku city that survived the conflagration of 1827. The area consists of 18 blocks of original 18th century – early 19th century buildings on their original location. Today Luostarinmäki is an outdoor museum that offers over 30 workshops from different fields of craftmanship display the City's handicrafts history and craftsmen's dwellings.

During the summer season, the museum's workshops have craftsmen working there every day. The museum's shops, postal office and cafeteria serve customers round the year.


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Founded: ca. 1800
Category: Museums in Finland
Historical period: The Age of Enlightenment (Finland)


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Manuel Carrasco Moñino (3 months ago)
It is worth visiting, it is beautiful and well preserved, it is like immersing yourself in medieval Finland
Vivek Patil (4 months ago)
Nice old house of Turku...those are only houses saved after fire...
Bartek (4 months ago)
INCREDIBLE place , literally one of the best museum iv been im Finland , everybody is do nice and helpfull , Vibe of place is do warm and cozy , you can actually learn a lot from this place in fun way! Amazing place to spend time with family or with kids!
Danielle White (6 months ago)
Absolutely loved this place. So much historical artefacts. The houses were really interesting to explore and learn about the people who used to live there.
Antu Datta (7 months ago)
Open air museum to showcase history of Turku. Interactive experience with audio guide and guides dressed up in the traditional dress. Visitor friendly convenient place, lockers available to store luggage. Nice place to visit for all ages. Free audio guides available on the cloud. The links to audio guides are available to the gates in the form of QR code. 2-3 hours would be recommended to budget for the visit.
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