St. Martin's Church

Bamberg, Germany

St. Martin's Church is located in the heart of Bamberg. Built by the Dietzenhofer brothers, it is Bamberg's only baroque church.

The creation of this church is closely linked with the Jesuits as it was originally constructed as the university church and the church of the Jesuit College. After a construction period of just seven years, the house of worship was consecrated in 1693. The trompe d'oeil dome by Giovanni Francesco Marchini and the early 14th century pieta are well worth seeing.



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Founded: 1693
Category: Religious sites in Germany
Historical period: Thirty Years War & Rise of Prussia (Germany)

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Joel Jose (5 days ago)
The church, built between 1687 and 1691 by the Dietzenhofer brothers, later served as a Parish Church from 1803. It stands out as the sole baroque church in Bamberg. Its exterior boasts a striking structural design adorned with eight sculptures. Inside, visitors are greeted with a breathtaking altar and a magnificent ceiling painting. Respectful behavior, including silence and appropriate attire, is expected. Admission is free, making it a must-visit in Bamberg. While my visit was brief, the church left a lasting impression, prompting me to recommend it as a refreshing stop during hot summer days. My time was limited as I was eager to explore the UNESCO heritage sites in the city. This Jesuit-founded church is renowned for its beautiful architecture, frescoed walls and ceilings, and notable pulpit. A particularly intriguing feature is the false dome, which creates the illusion of a dome-like structure on the ceiling. Despite this, the church remains a stunning place to visit and receive blessings.
John Paul Tuquib (2 months ago)
History said that it was built between 1687 to 1691 by the Dietzenhofer's brothers but in 1803 it was used as the Parish Church. The fact is that, the only baroque church in the Bamberg place. From the outside, spectacular structural design with the 8 sculptures on it. During my visit, it was observed that there were no stalls outside which you can see how beautiful it is. From the inside, breathtaking altar, a marvelous and astonishing painting on the ceiling. In here, you must observe silence, respect to their beliefs and dress properly. There is no entrance ticket nor admission fee in this wonderful church
alex chan (4 months ago)
very nice but the door won't stop squeaking
Arosha Weerakkody (4 months ago)
Very impressive church architecture. The altar is a masterpiece
Kata Gn (9 months ago)
I visited Bamberg last Sunday and stop by at the church. It’s an impressive building so definitely worth to look around and of course TIPP go there an have a breath, cool down in this hot summer. I didn’t stay long because we just arrived in the town and were on our way to discover the UNESCO heritage site part of the city.
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