Seehof Palace

Memmelsdorf, Germany

Seehof Palace was built from 1686 as a summer residence for the Bamberg Prince-Bishops from plans by Antonio Petrini. After secularization it fell into disrepair under private ownership, and by the end of the 20th century extensive renovation work was necessary.

Most of the palace is today used by the Bavarian State Conservation Office.

The nine state rooms of the restored Prince-Bishops' apartment, including the 'White Hall' with its magnificent ceiling painting by Guiseppe Appiani, are open to the public.

Among the features reflecting the splendour of the former Rococo garden are the restored cascade with its waterworks and some of the original sandstone sculptures by Ferdinand Tietz.



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AryA Yaghoubi (9 months ago)
A nice place to visit with a beautiful garden, not so far from the city.
Darshika Dashwood (10 months ago)
A very minimalistic castle. Wonderful gardens, walking paths and water show. Our castle guide was very detailed! Also check out the restaurant on your way out. Great place for lunch and tea! Highly recommend!
Lavinia Ianovici (11 months ago)
Cute castle that comprises a beautiful, expansive park with old linden trees, citrus plants, a pond, a cascade (the water plays start every hour for about 8 minutes), several statues, and a café. The interior of the castle has about twelve rooms open to visitors which one can visit only with a guided tour in German (there are leaflets with information about each room available for foreigners). Although not impressive and with many of the original objects/decorations lost or destroyed and then replaced with copies, the rooms are still worth seeing. Even though I visited on Saturday, it wasn't crowded and there was also ample parking space.
Adam Crizzle (13 months ago)
The great small castle is not very crowded. I drove by here several times on my way between Bamberg and Bayreuth and never stopped in until today we spontaneously decided to have a look at it. Parking costs 1€ and the tour cost 5€ per person.
Sourav Bhowmik (2 years ago)
I cannot describe the beauty of the place in words! Such a serene and pristine place. The main castle building is exquisite, though I could not enter the inside since there were construction works going on. The surrounding park is such a treat for the eye, specially because of the yellow & orange colored leaves of the fall. I had long enjoyable walks throughout the whole area, it is very picturesque. Highly recommended place for visiting.
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