Vienna, Austria

The MuseumsQuartier Wien, one of the largest culture and art complexes in the world, is a playground for culture seekers. Spend the entire day diving into the vibrant sprawl of renowned museums, exhibition halls and art spaces. The Museumsquartier contains Baroque buildings as well as Modern architecture by the architects Laurids and Manfred Ortner.

Additional highlights include Leopold Museum (one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art), Kunsthalle Wienand Tanzquartier, an international, state-of-the-art centre for dance.


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Museumsplatz 1, Vienna, Austria
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Founded: 2001
Category: Museums in Austria


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User Reviews

iyimide martins (10 months ago)
A collection of museums with a very nice view. I visited the place late so I couldn’t go in but I fed my eyes with the view. PS: You can’t visit all the museums in one day, you’d have to assign one for each day so you can see everything
Wesley Wei (14 months ago)
Lovely place to hanging around, have a coffee or dinner, laying on the benches and enjoy sunshine. Famous Leopold Museum, Modern Art Museum and other museums all here. Cross the road of Museumsplatz you will see the beautiful Maria Theresa Square.
Juan Cruz Mones Cazon (14 months ago)
I liked the hotel. The room was nicely decorated. The breakfast was really good. The service at the front desk was excellent. I think it is a bit overpriced.
Leo's Funhouse (15 months ago)
This place used to be glorious, a lovely place to hang out with friends, now the beautiful statue is sitting in a cage, the water fountain is not there. Who cares about vandalism? Id love to get rid of em just to enjoy the place! Its very beautiful tho.
Kasia Gé (15 months ago)
One of my favourite spots in the city. Not only you have all the cool museums around you, this is also a place where people come to meet, drink and chill with their friends during warm nights. Very much recommended to grab a drink and just enjoy the atmosphere there.
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