Villa Valmarana (also known as Valmarana Bressan) is a patrician villa at Vigardolo, Monticello Conte Otto. The building is attributed to Andrea Palladio on the basis of an extant drawing of the villa that is undoubtedly by the great architect.

The villa was constructed during the 1540s, so it is one of Palladio's earlier works. It was commissioned by two cousins of the Valmarana family. The layout of the rooms suggests that Palladio's mandate was to provide accommodation for two nuclear families. The design also shows the influence of buildings from antiquity, which Palladio had, no doubt, seen on his first visit to Rome in 1541. The villa is decorated with frescoes, some of which date from the sixteenth century; they are more or less contemporaneous with the original occupation of the building.

In 1996 UNESCO included the building in the World Heritage Site named 'City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto'.



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Founded: 1540s
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Italy

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norma bassi (8 months ago)
The villa was a splendid location to celebrate a couple of tangheri in their 25th silver year. Large well-kept spaces, glass window overlooking the room in which we danced the tango. Marble floor, well-restored frescoes with festive scenes on the walls. Large garden and parking. Excellent buffet well presented by the catering service, welcoming and warm the entrance hall. Ideal for weddings or gallant events.The resonance of the milonga made her a truly charming lady, excellent acoustics, good dj??
Denisio Benetti (11 months ago)
Palladian villa, now also used for conferences, weddings and meetings.
Matteo Delledonne (12 months ago)
One of the first Palladio’s villas. A good location for private events and parties. The exteriors are a bit ruined, but the interiors are charming and sophisticated.
Riccardo Menarin (2 years ago)
Although a bit on the wane, very nice interiors, very spacious and tall rooms and halls Excellent for wedding birthdays and various post ceremony parties
twnotdany (2 years ago)
Typical Veneto-style villa used for parties, in short, to have fun. The villa has a huge garden a little less than the whole I have to say that for the holidays and the top of the top.
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