Odenhausen Castle

Wachtberg, Germany

Odenhausen Castle was first built in the 11th century on the hill. In the Middle Ages, the fortification was expanded into a moated water castle. The castle was first mentioned in 1316. In 1560 Ludwig von Blankart converted it into a Renaissance residence.

A bridge leads across the outer moat through a Baroque gate into the farmhouse and an another bridge leads over the moat to the two-winged mansion. The portal is decorated by a coat of arms.

Since 2005, the castle is owned by the Vieten couple.



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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Salian Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

Hoschi (7 months ago)
Very nice little castle with a nice garden. Always worth a detour.
A. R. (7 months ago)
Until about 6 months ago I didn't really know that Berkum had a great moated castle. You drive past it in your car, but you don't necessarily notice it because of the great - freely accessible - lush gardens; Visitors welcome; When the gate is open, go in, look, nice. Today, January 22, 23, we took part in the tour with a glass of champagne. We were pleasantly surprised. Completely down-to-earth and pleasant castle owners. There was enough information from both the lord and mistress of the house. ???. Was fun. The downside: The future (not just threatened) expansion (100 residential units?!, or more?!) could put an end to the moated castle; the underground inflow is suspected. cut off by development; Castle can collapse. Then there will be no one in the town hall. ?. Monument protection/consideration apparently without any interest on the part of the authorities. ?. The Vieten family, we wish you a lot of strength and perseverance against the construction madness. ???. LG, ?
Rainer 5444 (8 months ago)
Complete disaster. Populist opinion makers from Düsseldorf who are just craving publicity. Anyone who takes the nonsense seriously, especially in the press and in the mailboxes around the castle, can no longer be helped. Cheapest Trump level. Hopefully the citizens and media representatives wake up and don't let themselves be fooled by such circus clowns in the castle. We have just come through the Ahr flood disaster and people urgently need affordable living space nearby. The planned residential area in Berkum is ideal for this. A social attitude would be the order of the day here; but rich lords of the castle who don't want neighbors?!? No go! Just don't fall for their false information, petitions, would-be events and direct mail!
Ingrid Leiendecker (10 months ago)
It was nice to sit in the castle complex and stroll through the park. Great plants and trees to admire. The castle is surrounded by water all around and is one of the few well-preserved water castles. To ensure that it stays that way, further development above the castle would stop the natural path of rainwater from the high Wachtberg.
Юлия Баринова (2 years ago)
Cozy and beautiful! The castle is small, but worth a visit if possible.
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